Lord Buddha Story

The Bodhisattva, who would be reborn from Dusit heaven, came to emerge as the Lord Buddha. Before entering the Bodhisattva, he chose 5 things which are

1. Time (human life expectancy) – The human life expectancy depends on the current and behavior of good deeds. If doing better, the age will increase. If doing less good, life expectancy will decrease. Human life expectancy is between 10 years and 1 countless years (1 × 10140 years), but the Bodhisattva has chosen a human life expectancy between 100-100,000 years. If less than 100 years, humans will have a rude mind to listen to the dharma to break until they reach the Buddha. Nirvana. If over 100,000 years, humans will begin to underestimate the aging, the pain, death because of longevity. Death comes late. Will not see the Four Noble Truths or theology

2. Continent (continent to be born) – Bodhisattva chose the Indian subcontinent as the continent that would be reborn every time. Because humans in the Indian subcontinent have both happiness and suffering There is a greater sense of suffering and happiness than humans in other continents. Another reason that comes down to human beings, because humans can see happiness and suffering the most easily. The animals in Phamai 4 are suffering, but they do not see happiness clearly. The angels of Brahma saw happiness more than suffering and difficult to make a saint. Also, humans can make merit. Therefore chose humans

3. Country (country to be born) – The Bodhisattva will choose a country with a prosperous economy, good economy, densely populated population, and a wise scholars, which is a place for many studies and the arts. There are many virtues. Will be able to spread dharma Many people know

4. Clan (the family that will be born) – The Bodhisattva can choose between The family of the king and the brahmin family That during that time, which family was more prosperous? Has been accepted more than 4 hundred thousand in this great last. There are more Buddhists from the royal family But there are more Buddhists from the Brahmin family (Phra Kusathanatha, Konakom, Kassapa and Sri Aree Maitreya Buddha). Only one Buddha came. From the royal family

Bodhisattva, who was reborn as the current Lord Buddha He chose the Sakkayakotam family of Kabinhaphat Passanakhon. Because it’s very respected And have been purified for 7 generations. If not pure and then reincarnated and become a Buddha, it is difficult to be respected The reason for choosing the royal family is because the caste was divided at that time. And the caste is the most respected caste Therefore chose the king’s caste

5. Mothers (Mother who gives birth and determines the age of the mother after birth) – The Bodhisattva will choose a woman from a family of kings or Brahmins who observe the precepts. The best treatment of dharma Bodily purity, speech, heart, do not drink alcohol, do not be lost in vices Not fickle in men And determined the age of the mother that is about Because the womb, the residence of the Bodhisattva, who came to attain enlightenment That Buddha Like the royal abode of the Buddha Not suitable for others

The Bodhisattva chose a pure mother, not tarnished, to blame. Otherwise it would be difficult for missionaries Because he was attacked that the mother of the Master was not pure Her Majesty Queen Sirikit has prayed to be a Buddha’s mother since the past. After 7 days of the birth of the Bodhisattva, he passed away. Born to be a deity born in the celestial being. According to tradition, the mother Buddha is not an old woman Who was born as a woman because of praying to be the mother of the Lord Buddha

Types of buddha

In the Tripitaka, the types of Buddha are classified as follows The classification of the Buddha according to the method of creating prestige

  • Panya Thikhut Is the Buddha who created wisdom by using wisdom as a conductor It takes 20 generosity and another 100,000 lives, keeping the Buddha’s heart in mind. 7 Countless words spoken as the Lord Buddha. 9 countless times since receiving the first Buddha’s prophecy. Camp
  • Buddhist faith Is the Buddha who created merit by using faith as the lead It took 40 spheres of merit and another 100,000 Mahakap to keep the Buddha’s heart in mind. 14 Spoken words were spoken by the Buddha, 18 countless times since receiving the first Buddha’s prophecy. Camp
  • Wiriyathik Buddhachao Is the Buddha who created merit by using perseverance as a guide Spent an uneventful 80th magnificent merit and another 100,000 great

Set the heart to be the Buddha in your heart. 28 Countless words to say that you are the Lord Buddha. 36 Countless hours since receiving the first Buddha’s prophecy, 16 innumerable kon and another 100,000 great kappa.

Past Buddha

In the future scripture, that family Spoke of the 10 future Buddhas that will occur in the near future as follows

  1. Phra Sri Ariya Buddha amulet In the modern era is Phra Achit Thera. Enlightenment at the Krieg Kratong 80,000 year-old, 80 cubits tall
  2. Buddha’s Rama In the modern era is Pamaram. Enlightenment at the red sandalwood core. His life was 80 thousand. His body was 80 cubits.
  3. Phra Dhammracha Buddha In the Buddhist era, King Pasenathikosol Enlightenment at the crisscross wood, aged 50,000 years. His body is 16 cubits high.
  4. Buddha’s Dhammakaya In the modern era is Aphiphu Devatharaj. Enlightenment at a large nest. One hundred thousand lives. His body is 80 cubits high.
  5. Lord Buddha’s Buddha In the era of the Lord Buddha, Surintra Enlightenment at the core of Red Sandalwood. He died ten thousand years. His body was 20 cubits high.
  6. Phra Rungsi Muni Buddha In the modern era was the Brahmin. Enlightenment at the large Dipli wood or wood along the 5 thousandth anniversary of His Majesty’s 60th birthday.
  7. The Lord Buddha’s Lord Buddha In the modern era is the Brahmin. Enlightenment at 8 thousand Buddhist monk life, 80 cubits high
  8. Phra Norasasi Buddha In the modern era was the Brahmin, Brahman. Enlightenment at the Cicada tree, 80th Anniversary of His Highness, 60 cubits in height
  9. Lord Buddha In the era of the Buddha is the elephant. Enlightenment at the 80,000-year-old Sai Mai tree. His body is 80 cubits high.
  10. Sumangkhon Buddha In the modern era is the Pali Lily elephant. Enlightenment at the crisscross of a hundred thousand Buddhas and 60 cubits in height

Mahayana sects accept the Buddha according to all Theravada scriptures and also create Buddha images. Many more Buddhas Both human and in status as a Hindu god Mahayana sect believes that when the Lord Buddha’s death is not extinguished, but instead resides in Buddhism, a land that is more beautiful than heaven. Buddha according to Mahayana principle is divided into 3 types which are

  1. For example, Buddha is considered the Buddha who was born with the world and is with the world forever. Played a role like the Brahma in the Hindu religion that created the world and the universe
  2. Manaus Buddha Is an incarnation of the Lord Buddha, born in the human world and practicing in As a Bodhisattva until being enlightened as a Buddha When he died, he would go to live with Buddha Similar to the Hindu belief that when doing good deeds to the highest level, it returns to being a part One of the Hundred-thousandfold Brahma The current Lord Buddha Mahayana is called Shakyamuni Buddha. Is also a Buddhist manus
  3. Phra Thanyani Buddha Is an incarnation of the Buddha, also from Buddha, but is also a Buddha. With meditation, Dharma’s teachings have not been practiced in the human world. These Buddhas sat in heaven. In the physical form Only the bodhisattva that can be seen
  4. Other Buddhas such as the Buddha’s teachings The seven bishops of Phra Sahasaprapha Rachasanti, the Buddha Phra Praput Rattana

In the Mahayana scriptures, there are many names of the Buddha There are 35 Buddhas, 53 Buddhas and at most 3,000 Buddhas.

  • The Lord Buddha in the past, which has been named in the old-fashioned scriptures of the eternal Ganga Sahasana, is one of the 1,000 Sutthasakhapatas, from the first Puntarik Praphapracha Buddha to the last Vesupha Buddha.
  • The Buddha in the present, which is mentioned in the present scripture of the Phatra era A thousand Buddhasnam Sutthaya Sutra, beginning with the first Vipassi Buddha, until the last Buddha Ruchi. In which the current Ruchi Buddha is the Vedas Bodhisattva
  • The Lord Buddha in the future, which is named in the future scriptures of the Zodiac era, is one of the 1,000 Sutra Sutra, beginning with the first Buddha image and the Buddha’s first Buddha image.

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