The Benefits of Barcode

What is a barcode ? A barcode or bar code is a type of symbol that a machine can read with an optical machine-readable, beginning with the “bar” or “bar” format. is parallel lines with thickness and diameter or established that the (2D) what to do. When developing a dot pattern on the other side in 2D (2D), although it has the same usage, there are still many things that are needed to make a barcode reader as well. Translate from Wikipedia, Do you want to fix this problem? (Product), Expiration Date, Product Specific Number (Serial Number), Product Number (Serial Number), Person (Person), Website URL etc.

Barcode (barcode) is illustrated.

1. 1-dimensional barcode code (1-dimensional barcode): conforms to the hexadecimal code (binary code) by a set of requirements The laser type and linear form of the one-dimensional barcode for use is the numerical data in the barcode. Pointing to the information of that kind of product, for example, barcode 000001 instead of product A, barcode 000002 instead of product B, etc.

2. 2D Barcode (2 Dimension Barcode): A two-dimensional barcode was developed using the same principles as the dimensions. Indicator data are numbers and letters received that is.

  • QR Code – QR Code Password (QR-Code) and can hold a lot of data. Barcode technology that is suitable for reading two-dimensional barcodes of the Imager array that can read both bars. Code Dimensional and two-dimensional bar code
  • Data matrix
  • MaxiCode
  • EZcode
  • Aztec code (Aztec code)
  • MS Tag, 2D barcode from Microsoft Fly.

Additional =  In case of exporting to foreign countries it is necessary to The bar code must be registered with the International Code Institute (GS1) in order to obtain a barcode code that is The identity of that country and company. The standard barcode for Thailand is EAN-13. Main article: GS1: 5 digits from GS1 will determine the number in 8 digits . Source code cannot be used without notification. In advance, the code that the company assigned to GS1 must be the same. There is no need for prior report

How can barcodes help?

Fast and easy operation, saving time, buying and selling devices, more convenient for work, especially product counting, payment receipt, receipt, inventory cutting

Easy to buy system, computer inventory, which is connected to a barcode reader in a limited partnership. Subject: Automatic product wrapping, so important aspects show Thailand. Subject information: Product rotation, which items are sold well, or not how many products are left?
Raise product standards. Subject: DIV identification by case, origin of country of manufacture Details of product quality improvement for health and environment Action of bar code symbols for displaying product information

Products and services related to shipping for export.

Increase the efficiency of data management from the bar code system, allowing operators to plan and manage production quickly and efficiently.

What business is used for?

  • “Packaging creates beauty effects” Accounting Officer and annual report
  • For wholesalers or importers in foreign countries, there is information about manufacturers or production sources that can provide products conveniently and readily available to customers’ needs. Finance and Investment
  • Supermarkets or the mass market. Subscriber identification systems and product codes will help the staff to calculate and receive payments quickly and can provide services. There is a lot of production of electronic components.

Important characteristics of barcodes

The bar code must be clear, diameter 50 mm. There must be a side bar of the Quiet Zone bar. 10 times the size of a code that is smaller or greater than 3.6 millimeters, the mill cannot be read.

As for the white primer, it will help you to read more easily without using gray. The use of reflective colors in printing bars, product codes and free space behind bars, product codes are referred to as reflectors or not read at all.

Barcode system

Labeling of products using the special capabilities required for use, without limiting the number of applications recognized by customers around the world. Spread around the world there are about 11 systems

  • UPC [Uniform Product Code] was used in the year 1972 in the United States and is divided into 4 types.

1.1 Condensed form with 8 digits or referred to as UPC-E for products with less
than 1.2 standard form with 12 digits or currently using UPC-A
for using UPC-A + 2 in the situation that UPC-A collects
1.4 Insufficient 5 digit numbers or UPC-A + 5 EAN calls
[European Article Number] began in 1976, divided into 4 types as follows:

2.1 Condensed version with 8 digits or called EAN-8. Used for small businesses with not much information.
2.2 Standard type with 13 digits or called EAN-13
2.3. Add 2 digit numbers or call EAN-13 + 12 to add information such as EAN- 13
Not all data is
added. 2.4 Add 5 digits or call EAN-13 + 5 to add more information.

  • Code 39 began to be used in the year 1974 in the industrial business as a data storage system.
  • INTERLEAVE 1 out of 5, also known as ITF, is a large barcode used with a package or called the Cass Code.
  • CODABAR was developed for the pharmaceutical business in 1972.
  • CODE 128 was developed and recognized as officially used in the United States in 1981. It is popular in design and fashion. It is currently being used in the United States.
  • CODE 93 began in the year 2525 began to be used in the industry.
  • CODE 49 was developed in 1987, with the development of CODE 39 to contain more data in the same area.
  • CODE 16k is suitable for use in the production of very small products.
  • ISSN / ISBN [international standard book] used with books and magazines.
  • EAN / UCC 128 shipping containers are a new system by EAN of the European Community and UCC of the country by using EAN system together with code 128 to get more product details such as date, month, year of manufacture, production date. Order
  • Top EAN

Currently, there are 2 systems, UPC and EAN. The UPC is the world’s first barcode system used in the United States and the Uniform Code Council [UCC] in the state of OHIO, USA.

The EAN system is the most managed standard in the world as a whole. EAN is headquartered in Brussels, Marland.

For the House of Representatives in Thailand, 1993, by Mr. Theerawat Ratthanakarn, Director of the Health Promotion Fund (NESDB) or “TANC” is a distributor of EAN under the supervision of the Federation of Thai Industries of Thailand

Choose the EAN-13 system with the unique characteristics of the 13-digit number set meaning

  1. The first 885 – 3 digits are the code of Thailand.
  2. 1234 – 4 characters are factory production codes
  3. 56789 – 5 The device is a product code.
  4. 8 – The most important digit to check the next 12 numbers given without or not themselves will not be read

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