The myth of the Chuck formula

Thakhach Sutra is a mantra, chapter 5 of 7 myths. Thachach Sutra means “Yot Thong” or “Pennant”. It is a large formula, most commonly chanting both specific formulas in temples such as the Lent. In the temple because it takes a lot of time If praying to make merit at home Or even in the Grand Palace, do not pray full-cut, pray only for the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha This is popular as a Neti practice. In the old days, when there was a vow or celebration of the flag Newly granted The monks have chanted the full formula Seen to be dedicated to the flag. Looks good Now he saw no more.

This myth is based on the legend that one day, when the Highness of the Supreme Master Chetawan at the Cathedral in Sravasti, he wanted to remind Buddhists to pay attention to the memory of Khun Rattanarat. In order to increase morale in practice Suppressing mental distractions Suspend a startled panic while experiencing a disaster. And wishing to declare the power of the Triple Gem that His Highness is truly worthy of remembrance Therefore showing the Chak formula

It is truly true that attention is the quality that drives the business of everyone who makes it. Whether the business is secular or religious, whether it is Loki or Lokutra Whether engaged in the forest or at home Whether private or public If already implemented Without attention, without thinking of business, it is difficult to accomplish. In contrast to virtue, being attentive, always keeping in mind that even the most evasive way of social chaos. Hunt for peace and tranquility In Buddhism, 10 conscience are shown as emotions to calm one’s mind. In all 10 conscience, Phutanus Satthammanastis and the 3 sanctions which will be mentioned here are non-conservative. Don’t choose habits Is not an enemy to the dharma Suitable for people of all ages, genders, and all ages. Therefore, people who know praise

Anusawati is a remembrance of the Lord Buddha, the Dharma, the monk. The truth is not only a way for the mind to be refreshed, happy, happy, calm and distracted. Is also you to help eliminate the horrors of tremors as well

Fear, which is called danger, isfall him, even though he sat in solitude. The type is called Free from all disasters Because he may be afraid of silence, meaning that the silence that he wants can be dangerous, sometimes even afraid of the wind blowing birds, crickets, geckos, crying leaves The sound of dry twigs falling Then had a shocker Can’t sit Afraid of even his own shadow Fear of even the sound of one’s footsteps and sometimes timid to the emotions created It is hallucinating. To be startled by a bad omen, to be punished, to encroach on these dangers, who can’t help Even with the rattling power it can’t heal. With being emotional to the mind That person may think that Those who followed them to protect them Will be a dangerous enemy now. Therefore, these dangers are as powerful as all dangers

His Majesty the King granting the Chakra Sutra by teaching to pay attention Always remember Khun Rattanarat Because of the power of Khun Phra Rattanaprit Will be able to heal all these dangers and say that they are powerful over the highest gods By telling old stories To all the monks to hear that

Previously, when war with angels and demons Up close together in that world, the angels were startled by the demons, not less, even the goddess Sakakakom, the god of the 3 heavens, meeting all deities Then made the flags of the army in all 4 directions as a signal against the demon By Deva Bancha, “Look, the Mourners While at war with

Hunting for fear, frightening, terrifying Which will impair the fighting power May occur to some people, so if at any time there is fear May all of you look at our pennant and your fear of frightening be gone. Or if not looking at our pennants Then look at the pennants of Thao Pachabdi, Thao Varun, or Thao Esa Any one When you had looked at the pennant, the fear of being like a Siamese monster disappeared.

All monks To the angels who looked at the pennons of the Four Devas Sometimes it doesn’t heal, that is, heal sometimes, neither heal nor heal, and then is afraid of that. Because Sakka, Deva, Brahma, Brahdi, Tao Varun and Tao Si The owner of Thongchai is still sensual, still angry, yet rulers still have lust, so still afraid, still frightened, still fiercely still fleeing. The pennant of Thao. She will therefore treat fear and startle. Panic to escape Didn’t always think of fighting him

All monks The Triple Gem The reverence that you revered is that you have power over the gods. Above the victory of those gods. So when you Will stay in the forest At the base of the tree Or in an empty house If fear or terror is startling, it is good. You should remember the Lord Buddha, “Itipi So Phokhawa, Sammasamphatthon”, for example. Those horror will disappear.
All monks If you don’t remember the Lord Buddha Should remember the teachings of the Buddha as ” Swak Kha Kha Phak Vadhammamo”, for example, or should remember the Buddhist monk “Supakapan Nophakwato, the disciple Sangho” etc. The power of the Dharma and the monks Healing fear and startle terrified him to disappear. Why is that

All monks Because the Arhat Buddha has no lust, no wrath, no rulers, no lust, no fears, no fears, no frightening, no escape. Therefore, the power of the Lord Buddha, Dharma and you monks Therefore able to heal the fear and frighteningness of the person who remembers to always disappear With these reasons, the Buddha’s teachings, Dharma and Sangha Is a powerful you Should be prosperous Should be remembered very much

Sutta Tipitaka Sangyut sect spell

Thakhakh Sutta is a sutra of the power of remembrance of the Triple Gem that the Lord Buddha has brought about the war between the gods and the demons as a comparison to remind the monks who go diligently. Living in the forest of quiet mountains Far away from the traffic

Being in the midst of a vast forest of monks who are still like that people Will inevitably cause terror When there was a feeling of fear, the Lord Buddha suggested that the monks remember the flag, namely the Buddha, Dharma, or Sangha. Then will be able to suppress the fear of further diligence

The Chuck Sutra chant is to destroy terrors and terrors. For those who have to travel to other countries Or in an unfamiliar place, by embracing the Rattanakrai to encourage and encourage Brave courage to fight against various dangers and obstacles

In addition, the Thachuck formula helps to protect, protect and protect from high dangers. Or air hazards, such as the dangers of getting tall trees The dangers of traveling through a steep canyon valley The danger of falling from the air And nowadays is still used to pray to prevent the dangers caused by traveling by plane.
In general, the chakra chanting chanting is not popular in chanting whole formulas But only chants to the praises of Buddha, Dharma, Phra Sangkhakhun, the heart of this sutra We generally call ” chanting Itti Piso ” unless we have a lot of time and want to pray in a special case to pray the whole formula.

Thakhach Sutra
Ewametutang Ekkansama Yang Phakawasa Watthi Wihirati Chetawani Anatapinthasakas Arame Tatarakaphakawaphik Khamatanti Phikkhawati

Phupapup Pangpikkhawetewasura Sangkamo Samamphapu Yulho Ahori Ataka Pokkhawetakotevanaminothe Tewetawathing Amanatisisa Jay Marisa Dhevanang Sangkamakan Upppash Chayapha Youngwathamaphatthangwalaloenghang Sovamamewatsamingsamamathatachakkangulloiakayathamanghivawachakkang Ulokaya Tungyamphawisatipang Waamphamphatthan Valomahaang Sawa Sopahai Yisatatino Jemethachatkang Olokiyattha

Atcha Pachatisawatharachat Chakkang Olokoea Atapa Chaktawas Sahivatharachat Chakkang Ollaka Ya Tung Yamphawati Sastipha Youngwathamphitthatwalalohanghang Sovasapahai Yissatino Jepachapat Sethawarachatthakhachakkhang Olloi Kiyatha

Atawarunat Satawarachat Chakkang Olokoea Atawarunsawahivawarachat Chakkang Ollaka Yatangyamphawisa Thipha Youngwathamaphitthatwalalohanghang Sovasapahi Yissatino Jeawarunas Satawarachatthatsakhachakkhan Olloi Kiyatha

Ata Isanasthawatharachata Chakkang Olokiyaa Ata Isanasawahatawarachatasachakkang Ollaka Yatayamphamsavisatipa also how painful the corporate status of whether Olma Pahang overthrew wa overthrew art Lehi’s Yitzhak superb strike against the
gluten defeats darn good governance in Kha’s a Kassa Nova Angel’s Min Tuscan town Methodism Chuck Kang Ulrika Lomas. Kaya Tanthapachapat Sawa Dhevarachat Chakkang Olla Kaya Tantapachatawat Rachatas Rachat Chakkang Ollaka Yatang Isan Nassa Vathevarachassatha Nakluk Ollagaya Tungyamphawisatipa Youngwamphatat Tungwalalohanghang Sawa Sopahahayathipiniphaiphahiyatangkissa The incident of Gohiphakha Vetevanaminthi Avita Rakoe Avita Saluti Avita angered Phirut Jamphi Utara Siphayayati

Ahan Chakkhaphikkhaweiwangwatisa Chetu Mahakang Phikkhawwe Aranya Katanang Varukkhamkhatakatang Wassanya Karasathang Waupha Patchayayapha Youngwathamaphitthatwalalohanghangwovamamewatsamemingsamyeanusussayayatha

Itipi So Phakawa Arahang Sammasamphutthawicha-chana-Sampan-Sukatalooka Withun Anuttarapurisa Thammasarathat Satthavananusa Nang Phut Tho Phakawatima Manghiviphakaweiananarasarangthayaphawisatiphiyawamatphamathatatwalalohangsawasopahai Yissatino Jaymang Anussariyatha Atathamang Annatsariyatha

Swak Kha Towakawa Tathamosthi Thitigo Akaligo Ehipassico Opanika Kopat Chattanthawitthapho Winyot Thitamang Hivo Phikka Wainan Saratangyamphawisatipangyangwamaphatthangwalalohanghangsovasapahaijisathinojthamanganumangnussariya Thata Atthangkhang, Anussarayayatha

Suphatiphannaphakawa Towasawangsangkho Ushapathipan Phakawatawatsawangsangkhayaya Patiphannaphakawa Towasawangsangkho, husband Jitpati Pannopakawatosawa Katsangiyathitaturipurisa Yukani Atthapurisa Pukkala Aesaphakawa Towasawangsangho Ahuh Neopa Hoorayo, Anya Chaleekarani, Yoanut Tharang Punyak, Thanglokastati

Hivosiphakkhananusarangtangyampavisathipangyangwachamphatthangwalalohanghangsovasapaiphiyaisitsitangkisa The reason that Takahata Phiphakkhawareangang Sammamphut Thawita Tara Kovita Tho Somwita Anger Apiru Ajchamphi Anutra Siaparachita Ita Mavo Phakawa, Thangwattana Watana, Sukato Atatharang, Et Thawo will be honest.

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Translation of the Shakchak Sutra,
I heard this way.

One day, the Highness Lord Buddha was in the Chetawan Temple. The abbot of the Anathapindika, a rich monk near Sravasti, at that time the monk said that the monks “All the monks” said those monks to the Holy One that “Lord Buddha” follows, then the Buddha has said that the Buddha said

All the monks in the distant past had a war between the angels and the demons. Who is great among the gods Called an angel in the heavenly heaven to order that All the Mourners If the angels had entered the war and were frightened and terrified May you see the top of my flag. Because when you look at the top of our flag, fear Startle The terrible existence that will disappear.

If you can’t look at the top of my flag, then look at the top of the flag of Devachapali. Because when you look at the top of the flag of Devachapali, fear and startle The terrible existence that will disappear.

If you then Can’t see the top of the flag of Devachapracha. Then looked at the top of the flag of Devaraj Because when you looked at the top of the flag of the god of Varun, the fear was startled The terrible existence that will disappear.

If you look at the top of the flag Woraraj was the name of Varun, so look at the top of the flag in the northeast. Because when he looked at the top of the flag of the north-eastern name, his fear was startled The terrible existence that will disappear.

Indeed, when all the angels looked at the top of the banner of the gods Looked at the top of the flag of Devachapali Looking at the top of the flag of Devaraj Or looking at the top of the northeast’s flag, fear and startle The terrible existence that exists Can sometimes get lost Sometimes he was not recovered because of all the monks Because the goddess Thakaravatha has not yet died out of sensuality Not ending Not ending the rulers. Still afraid. Still startled. Still have to escape.

All monks As I Tathagata said, if you all go to the forest, in the trunk of a tree, in a deserted house, or somewhere else, you will be frightened and frightened. May you all remember me that

“For this reason, the Honorable Is far from desire Enlightenment can be liked by His Majesty, along with wisdom and virtue. Have gone well He knows the world clearly. Can train a man who deserves to train like no other He was a teacher of angels and humans, who knew and awakened with joy. His Highness has the ability to classify Dharma and teach animals. “

All monks Because when you remembered the Tathagata. The terrible existence that will disappear.

If he could not recall the Buddha Recalling the teachings: “The dharma is the dharma talked by God Those who study and act should see it for themselves. Is something that is practicable and gives results indefinitely. It can recommend others to prove that “Come, see!” Should be brought into you. Those who know only know themselves. “All the
monks Because when you remembered the dharma The terrible existence that will disappear.

If he can’t remember the dharma Recalling the monks that “The monks are disciples of the holy people who have performed well. Direct practice and practice To know the dharma as a device from suffering These people were 4 pairs of men, counted in the order of 8 people. These were monks, disciples of God. Which is a worthy worshiper that he brings to worship Should pay homage to the ones he prepared to welcome Thaksin should be accepted as a person that people should respect. Is the material of the merit of the world There is no other merit than “

All monks Because when you Remembering the monks, the fear was startled. All the terrifying things that will be gone This was because the Tathagata was the end of sensuality. Do not be startled, do not run away from the Lord Buddha, the master of the Prophet. When he spoke this Buddhist expression and then spoke the settlement spell

All monks When you go to rest in the forest, in the trunk of a tree, or in an abandoned house Remember the Lord Buddha and you will not be afraid if you are not able to remember the Buddha. Who is the world leader More quintessential Recalling the dharma Which can bring animals out of suffering That we have shown well. If you cannot remember the teachings that can bring animals out of suffering which I have already shown, then after that you will remember the monks who are the world’s pious. Other than merit All monks When you bow to the Lord Buddha, the dharma and the monks like this, fear and startle Frightfulness would not exist.

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