Sapporo White illumination in Hokkaido, Japan

Sapporo white illumination located at Odori Park, Sapporo city, Hokkaido Province of Japan. The event runs during winter season from 16:30 pm to 22:00 pm at night. There will decorated booths for Christmas, New Year and main theme each year. At the lighting park have foods from the European, Japanese foods, Asian foods and snacks zone.

The winter time of illumination events are now held in cities all around Japan. In Sapporo city has the tradition originated since 1981 for decorate lighting park. They’re put some lights around 520,000 lights bulbs at Odori Park. The illuminate objects centered on cosmic and Christmas themes during the trees along Sapporo Ekimae dori and Minami 1-jo dori are transformed into luminous, street-side curtains. This is popular light with a couples things during the Christmas season that happen once in a year with the winter wealth.

39th Sapporo White Illumination will be hold on November, 2019 to March 2020.

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