Kansai Day 7: Kyoto Day

This day the weather is not well. It’s rain most of the time. So when you plan to travel during raining season must prepare the umbrella. My plan for today is visit Bamboo Groves or Arishiyama, Kiyomizudera Temple, Nijo Castle, Gion area and Nishiki Market. For this plan I cannot go to Nijo Castle and Gion area because it’s rain before I go to those two place. My plan was cancel two place.

1. Bamboo Groves or Arishiyama

From Hankyu Umeda Station in Osaka to Arishiyama station is about 1 hours and you have to change train at Katsura station. At Arishiyama station is last stop on this train line. After you get off at the station then you walk straight to Bamboo Groves area by cross the bridge. You will see beautiful view around.

They have shop and Restaurant on both side during you walk to Bamboo Groves or around Arashiyama area. The famous menu still green tea, Japanese desserts and candy.

When you walk at Bamboo Groves on the way. You will see many bamboo tree both side and inside have shrine that people come and visit for pray and blessings. This shrine is not big like other shrine.

2. Kiyomizudera Temple

3. Nishiki Market

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