Getting to know Wakayama, Japan

Wakayama Prefecture is at the southern end of the Kansai region and located on the Kii Peninsula Extended into the Pacific Ocean in a long line causing the beach to stretch more than kilometer. This peninsula is also considered to be the largest peninsula in Japan and there is another interesting point that in the province of Wakayama is the city of the lowest latitude of Honshu Island in Kushimoto. The city have most important foods of tuna or Macuro fish in Japan.

Besides that peninsula is also full of complex forests with many hot springs in the middle of the river. The destination in here also have nice Onsen that you can relax and make vacation near the central city in Kansai. Fruit is another object in this area that reflects abundance. There have fruit garden with variety of seasonal rotations including plum, persimmon, orange, mallon, and strawberry. Fruit in here is fresh like stay on the plant.

Even more with the cuteness of Japan’s most famous cat like Tama and Nitama assistant. They provide cat station and become most the world more interesting to visit. They decorate train like cat house with cat accessories.

Even today Wakayama may not be mentioned often but if go back in the past in the Edo period during year 1603 – 1867. Japan country is under the shogun power of the Tokugawa family and this place has been established in Kii or Kishu region. The important names are Tokugawa Yoshimune, Shogun No. 8 is relatives to the great grandchildren of Genesis Shogun Tokukai Ieyasu. During this period many cities and systems were developed to be accepted in this intelligent Shogun. They used the Wakayama Castle as the administrative center and many ages passed to many renovations but still stood by the Kino River. Today, it is a demonstration of the glorious past and prosperity of the city.

The other side of the history is strongly associated with religion because it is the origin of Buddhism be founded by King Kobodi Shi about 1200 years ago at the top of Koyasan Mountain. This is settled down to be the faith of the Japanese people spread out. The connection with the other two holy mountains are Yoshino and Kumasan. This is the location of the ancient shrine from the old capital Nara and Kyoto city as well.

How to get to Wakayama city:

  • Actually, if counting the main cities like Wakayama City. This is quite a short distance from Kansai Airport or Osaka.
  • For train that available in both JR and local regional trains. They have both of collective pass at a cheap price and have different advantages and disadvantages Depends on each travel plan.

Kansai Thru Pass – Price from Adult price for 2 days at 4,400 yen and 3 days at 5,300 yen. This is covers private train and you can travel in the cities of Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, Himeji, Shiga, Wakayama but in the Wakayama area. You can use only in downtown Wakayama City.

This is suitable for people who plan to visit major cities like Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and some of Wakayama trailers. This is means that you interested in watching Wakayama Castle, greeting Tama cats and including Koyasan but Nachi Waterfalls. This type of ticket will not be covered.

Kansai Wide Area Pass – Adult price for 5 days at 8,500 yen.

You can use all JR trains in Kansai area and still reach to Okayama. This is important ticket than other ticket if you recommended to focus on Wakayama city all over because it covers all the cities that you can visit in this trip whether Shirahama or Katsuura and can travel to Nachi Falls, too. But for JR trains can traveling to Koyasan but must be added price in the area of ​​the hill.

This is recommend routes in the Wakayama area.

1. Route A (Blue) from Kansai International Airport – Shirahama
This route will pass to Wakayama and can visit the castle, take a train to greet Tama cat at cat station then driving along to the coast with white beaches and the quaint rocks of both Engetsuto Island Senjojiki and Sandanbeki Rock Cliff.

2. Route B (Yellow) Kansai International Airport – Koyasan
A scenic route with climb up to the top the land of Dharma. The quiet small town is in the midst of nature like Koyasan that you can filled out with many Buddhist sites and you can get sleeping experiences in the temples and around.

3. Route C (Green) Shirahama-Shingu starts from the seaside town of Shirahama.
To follow on pilgrimage route of Kumano Sanzan and visit the Kumano Hongu Taisha shrine. They have many interesting on-sen sites around this area.

4. Route D (Orange) Shingu – Nachikatsuura – Shirahama
This towards to natural wonders with atmosphere and combined with religious beliefs with Nachi waterfalls including Japanese pagodas. After that catch for tuna in this area visit with beautiful seaside of Japan. Start from Namba Nankai Electric Railway Station by Limited Express Train (about 1.40 hours) Or Express (about 2 hours) to Gokurakubashi Station continue with the Nankai Cable Line to Koyasan Station.

There are a variety ways to experience every taste. You can be started either from Kansai International Airport, Osaka City or Wakayama city. If using JR Pass will only be partially used at the main line. The most suitable is to use the Nankai Electric Railway to travel in Wakayama.

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