Trip to Himeji Castle in Kansai Hyogo of Japan

While you travel to Osaka and you want to visit some place that not far from Osaka. This one will be your choice for visit.

Himeji Castle or 姫路城 or Himeji-jo is Japanese castle located in Himeji City of Hyōgo Prefecture. It is one of the oldest structures that survived by bombing during World War II and survived again during the earthquake in year 1995. Himeji Castle has all the architectural features and equipment of the Japanese castle from both high stone, white walls and various buildings in the castle area are regarded as the standards of the castle. The castle are many other defenses such as cannons holes for throwing stones out of the castle, archery slots. Himeji Castle are also well-known as folklore myths about the “plate count ghost” or Chiki period. This is the story of Okiku samurai maid who made a broken dish of the samurai family and being punished by throwing bodies into the pond.

Go in the castle will find the first door called Gate of Hizi which is the largest door from maintains of the original condition in the Age of Shimomoyama.

How to get to the castle?

You can take the train from Osaka to Himeji by train or car from Osaka to Himeji.

From Osaka Station, you can take a special rapid train on the JR Kobe Line bound for Himeji. It’s about eight stations away. The train arrive to Himeji Station is about an hour.

By car that you can get from Osaka City to Himeji City in about an hour and 20 minutes.

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