Urban Qianlong

Urban Qianlong
Associated Names: 都市潜龙
suit thug
Genres: city, romance
Year: 2018
Status: ongoing


The protagonists are Zhao Dong and Sophie. The story of the novel mainly tells the story of returning from a rain of bullets, and Zhao Dong becomes a night shift security guard in an upscale community. He originally only wanted to live an ordinary life, but that night to send the female proprietor home with a hangover, the ordinary life will be turbulent again… Since he can’t drift with the flow, he can only cover the sea and move the mountains, and the dragon will rise to heaven!


Chapter 1 The Goddess’ Bed
Chapter 2 Two women fighting
Chapter 3 Walking on thin ice
Chapter 4 Get married
Chapter 5 Betrayal
Chapter 6 The Wei Family’s Revenge

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