I Can Combine the Skills of League of Legends


The protagonist is Wang Xian. The story of the novel mainly tells the story of the king who has just succeeded in the promotion game. Now, I came to a blue star that is very similar to the earth, but the world is not stable. Faced with countless aliens and monsters who wanted to turn humans into blood, Wang Xian, who was a waste material, hid in a corner shivering. But as a traverser, how could there be no gold finger. Every time Wang Xian’s strength increases, he can appoint one hero’s skill, or get three skills at random. Not only that, Wang Xian can also combine skills.

As a result, the alien races and monsters of Blue Star ushered in their ultimate fear! [Fatal Strike] + [Arcane Transition] = [Instant Slash], effect: instantaneously teleport to the vicinity of the target, strike the enemy, and silence the opponent! [Hypnotic bubble] + [distorted space] = [eternal space], effect: create In a distorted space, any existence trapped in it will

I Can Combine the Skills of League of Legends
Associated Names: 我能组合英雄联盟技能
300-jin gangster
Genres: online games
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

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