My best girlfriend

My best girlfriend
Other names: 我的极品女友
Author: Superficial Insomnia
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


My life turned out to be very peaceful and simple. Because of a love letter, I was punished by the new class teacher, and she was subjected to various tricks and tricks. Depending on how I dealt with the sexy class teacher, my youth was full of various colors. , My life is struggling in difficult and adversity, and my feelings are spent in the interweaving of wrong ancestry. Who is the love of my life?


Chapter One Class Teacher
Chapter 2 Li Dehai
Chapter 3 The head teacher helps me out
Chapter 4 WeChat chat
Chapter 5 Sending the class teacher to the infirmary
Chapter 6 Annoyed Zhao Lin
Chapter 7 We Won
Chapter 8 My cousin talks to me
Chapter 9 Applying Nail Polish to Cousin

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