My Chaos City


The protagonist is Li Hanqiang. The story of the novel mainly tells the construction of various defensive towers, collection of strange functional buildings, and resistance Waves of fierce monsters attacked the city. Ding, the super trap has successfully captured an elite monster from the siege monster. Ding, the Siege has entered the Jiuqu Yellow River Array! Ding, your sputtering turret kills more than one billion enemies, and it will automatically be upgraded to a nuclear bomb tower! Ding, reach the hidden conditions, your electromagnetic tower and aurora radio tower can be merged into a plasma spark tower… an endless world, a different tower defense game, a new professional Chaos City Lord, and you will experience endless monsters siege. Adventurers, come and defend the city! Our slogan is: A wild monster never wants to leave!

My Chaos City
Associated Names: 我的混沌城
Ling Xuyueying
Genres: Online games
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

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