Super God Mechanic


The protagonist is Han Xiao. The story of the novel mainly tells that the hero is the ashes-level power trainer of “Xinghai” and is from Dong (zuo). Fang (zhe)’s mysterious power was thrown into the traversing army, and he turned into an NPC with the player panel. Before returning to the “Xinghai” beta, he decided to choose the most difficult mechanical system. Battleships lined up across the stars and seas, star mechas were as good as a dragon, phantom energy cannons destroyed the world, and an endless army of machinery, waiting quietly in the portable warehouse.

One person is the legion! If it is not for the player to appear, the book is a serious and serious theme of crossing the alien world… As an NPC, normal NPC has all the functions of the player… Issuing tasks? Favorability adjustment? Teaching skills? Why is there a choice to become a player follower option, please remove this item for me! Oh, it can be relieved. The number one beauty in gaming?

Super God Mechanic
Associated Names: 超神机械师
Qi Peijia
Genres: online games
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

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