29 ways to stop bad breath

Bad breath problems
Bad breath or bad breath, or in English, is called Bad breath , Halitosis, which means the foul odor that comes out of a breath that can smell Does not include gases in excess concentrations that cannot smell

Bad breath is a foul gas that occurs in our bodies and comes out through the breath. The source of bad breath may be from the mouth, throat or nose.

Bad breath, in addition to causing foul odor Bad breath also leads to bad personality. To lose confidence And some people may be in a stressful state And sometimes this problem can affect your work and relationships between people close to you. Some people may consider bad breath to be a small issue, not a serious illness that needs immediate treatment. But for those who have this problem, we believe that bad breath is definitely not a small thing.

How to test bad breath

  1. Breathe fully Use your hands to protect your mouth and nose. Then exhale from the mouth From then, inhale through the nose to smell that smells or not.
  2. Use the method to lick the wrist and smell. Or in some people may use the fingers to rub on the gum area and then to smell that smells or not.
  3. Spit out the saliva and try to smell the saliva. (Normally, saliva is a clean and odorless secretion). If the saliva has an odor, then it shows that it is contaminated with germs. And it is possible that the saliva passes through the stones in the tonsils.
  4. This method is absolutely sure Is to ask someone close to you to tell if you have bad breath

Cause of bad breath

  1. Not maintaining good oral health Can cause bad breath, such as brushing teeth that are not clean, causing food stains or bacteria to adhere to the surface of the teeth, tongue or cheeks.
  2. The tongue is blemish, one of the causes of bad breath Bleeding tongue is caused by the accumulation of food particles and bacteria on the top surface of the tongue.
  3. Saliva can also cause bad breath. If the saliva is low then the food will not be washed completely until causing bad breath. Including those with thick saliva, it will not wash food scraps as well as those with clear saliva. And this is the reason why when wake up, often have bad breath That’s because while sleeping there will be less flow of saliva. Therefore, if you feel that your throat is dry and dry mouth then drink water often.
  4. Limestone, the main cause of bad breath If there is limestone, the dentist must scrape it out.
  5. Tooth decay will cause food scraps to remain in the cavities, causing decay and causing odors. Or people with tooth decay through the dental nerve cavity Causing pus at the end of the tooth root Which these pus will have a very bad smell
  6. Mouth ulcers when sores can cause bad breath And when the wound heals, the bad breath will subside. It also occurs after tooth extraction or oral surgery. Because while having an wound, the patient will not be able to properly grind teeth Resulting in a lot of food to stick to the teeth and easier Wounds with bleeding will be a good food for germs in the mouth, causing the blood to smell and cause food spoilage.
  7. Gingivitis and periodontitis Gingivitis due to tartar There is damage to the organs surrounding the tooth root. The gums are open from the teeth. Allowing food particles to accumulate more easily and not brushing all the way out to create limestone inside Then causes inflammation In cases where the gums are opened a lot and there is a lot of limestone accumulated, gingival surgery may be necessary in order to completely remove the limestone. And then close the gums again For those who are and have had periodontal treatment already Or completely remove food stains Must use additional cleaning tools such as dental floss, interdental brush, tape, etc.
  8. Upper respiratory tract diseases from the nose to the throat of the pharynx, such as sinusitis or sinusitis (caused by fluid or pus in the cavities of the face bones, which have many cavities Inflammation until pus causes the smell to come out through the nose while breathing and out through the mouth while speaking. Therefore should not let yourself be cold often or for a long time)
  9. Nasal cancer Will cause a very bad smell and pus will flow from the nose into the neck when bending the head
  10. People who have sore throat while having throat inflammation or chronic tonsillitis can cause bad breath. And will go away when the throat is inflamed
  11. Stones in the tonsils(Tonsil Stone) If you go to the dentist to check and make sure that your gums and teeth are not a problem. Brushing your teeth clean but bad breath won’t go away You will need to see an ENT doctor in order to have a thorough examination. But sometimes you can see a white, yellow, white lump attached to the tonsils. Which is not food waste But is a lump caused by the accumulation of saliva mixed with food Necrosis of the tonsils And bacteria that don’t need air Which generates hydrogen sulfide around the stone. When the breath comes through this stone. In addition, tonsils in the tonsils may be caused by surgery to tonsils and then become more chronic tonsillitis. Or it can be caused by many antibiotics that are used to treat tonsils and then reduce saliva in the mouth, etc. However, not everyone has to have gallstones. Depending on the individual’s immunity as well. The study abroad found that the general population is a stone tonsils up to 6%. In Thailand, no statistics have been released yet. But believe that there are at least 4-5 million people, and you may have tonsil stones that cause bad breath without knowing it. By observing that Do you have any of these symptoms, such as throat irritation Feeling like having phlegm in the throat, often chronic tonsillitis Or if you get a little rest or when exercising, you will get swollen fever, not feeling well, a sore throat in the tonsils And may have extreme exhaustion, etc. If there is, hurry to see a doctor immediately.
  12. Lower respiratory diseases, such as those with chronic lung disease, lung cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, can smell out with the breath and mouth.
  13. Digestive system diseases such as flatulence, acid reflux disease Chronic gastric ulcer disease
  14. Eating foods that cause odors It is another important cause of bad breath, such as garlic, onions, spices, sausage, cheese, durian, etc. These can cause bad breath. But once digested or absorbed and completely excreted The smell will disappear. (But if eaten continuously, it can cause bad breath continuously as well)
  15. Alcoholic beverages of all kinds Whether it is liquor or beer, they all cause bad breath.
  16. Certain drugs, such as some antipsychotic drugs Drugs used to treat alcoholism patients Can cause the smell
  17. Those who smoke for a long time will cause bad breath and bad breath.
  18. People who wear dentures or other tools in their mouths, such as orthodontics. Tooth protection tools, splint, splint etc. If the cleaning is not good enough, then it can smell. Especially tools that are made with acrylic Or with a mixture of acrylic Acrylic is porous and can absorb various fluids. If not cleaned, food will spoil and stick to these tools to cause odor. Therefore should always be cleaned after removing If not used then should be soaked in clean water. And before using, clean again If there are stains or tartar, use a denture immersion solution, especially for occasional soaking.
  19. In addition, the cause of bad breath can be caused by diseases related to various bodily systems, which are the unique smell of each disease, such as diabetes, infection or lung abscess, liver or kidney failure, illness in the gastrointestinal tract. Various food, including patients who regularly control food

How to stop bad breath

  1. Brush your teeth after every meal. It is important to help reduce bad breath. But must brush correctly And don’t forget to brush your cheeks and your cheeks as well (Brushing your teeth properly can lead to unbelievable bad breath.)
  2. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride. To help eliminate food waste and eliminate all germs
  3. Clean the tongue Naturally, our tongue is rough, uneven, and therefore is a place for food particles. Studies have shown that bacteria that affect bad breath tend to stay on the base of the tongue more than on the gums and teeth. Therefore, cleaning the tongue is necessary in taking care of oral health and reducing bad breath. How to clean your tongue easily by using a toothbrush to brush the tongue deep down to the base of the tongue while brushing teeth. Or scraping the tongue with a tongue scraper By scraping from the base of the tongue to the front for about 3-4 times, you will see food stains sticking out. Which should be done 2 times a day when waking up and before bedtime In addition, eating foods that contain residue can also help rub the tongue, such as pineapples, sugarcane etc.
  4. Practice using dental floss after brushing your teeth in the habit. At least 1 time per day. This method will help solve the problem of food scraps that follow the teeth. When using Dental Floss, then bring it up to smell. If smelling and still has a bad smell, then change to a new one. Or can use the same one to wash the water Use until the silk is broken. (If using silk film film, it will not separate) to scrub every tooth.
  5. Rinse with water If it is not convenient to brush your teeth Then rinse with water instead This method, although not much to solve bad breath. But it can help some
  6. Use mouthwash when necessary. Use for brushing teeth. Or use when needed if you are not comfortable brushing your teeth Or use it occasionally if you need confidence. (Not recommended for daily use) since the effectiveness of mouthwash can only temporarily reduce bad breath for about 3 hours. And does not help eliminate the root cause Dentists will recommend using mouthwash in cases such as those with poor oral health, mouth ulcers, gum disease. Have gum surgery Or people who are prone to tooth decay, etc. But for those with normal oral health, it is not necessary to use Because long-term use may cause the fungus in the mouth to increase because the balance in the mouth is lost.
  7. Bad breath spray Another option of convenience Recommended for use only when needed. If you can choose to brush your teeth better.
  8. Chewing gum or candy Is another method that is popular If choosing to eliminate bad breath by chewing gum Should choose gum without sugar But this method can only temporarily stop bad breath
  9. Salt toothpaste Try using a salt-toothpaste. Or use salt only to brush your teeth (if resistant) because salt will help stop bad breath If the brush is not deep, use gargle instead.
  10. Saline solution can help. After brushing your teeth, mix half a glass of water with salt. (Use about half a teaspoon to make it a bit salty) Use spit instead of water. Then keep for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with water to follow again. This method can be used by orthodontists who are worried about bad breath. Try it now
  11. Change toothbrush If the brush is broken, change the brush. Because the cleaning efficiency of the new brush is better than the old And choose to use a soft toothbrush, tapered bristles
  12. Water Flosser (Waterpik brand) or oral and dental cleaning with water pressure (Approximately 1,000 baht per device There are many models and many functions to choose from), but if the budget is not enough, try to use the shower in the bathroom. By trying to open the water as far as possible and then take a shower and connect it to the mouth So that the oil pressure is injected into the spaces between the teeth Then remove the shower head, leaving only the hose Then close your finger with the hole of the water pipe so that there is a small hole to increase the pressure of the water Then poke the mouth into the mouth of the cheeks to spray around for about 1 minute without having to rinse the mouthwash again
  13. Regularly check dental and oral health with the dentist. Do not wait for problems in the mouth and teeth, then go to the doctor.
  14. Regular scaling every 6 months or at least once a year Limestone is another major cause of bad breath that you should not overlook. For those who have tried many methods but have forgotten to do scaling, hurry and go to handle it now.
  15. Inhibits tooth decay by filling tooth decay If decay through the nerve cavity, then must maintain the root canal. If the tooth decay is too great to keep the teeth or keep them intact Had to pull out and then put on dentures
  16. Treat mouth ulcers While developing oral ulcers, oral hygiene should not be ignored after eating. Should brush teeth immediately By using a soft brush to prevent food stains and prolong brushing easily But if you can’t brush your teeth or open your mouth, wash your mouth with warm salt water after every meal. And use a clean cloth moistened with warm water to wipe the teeth with a finger When the wound is gone, bad breath will disappear.
  17. Treatment of tonsils in the tonsils If you are suffering from tonsil stones In the past, if to eliminate this problem completely, then surgery would be needed. But nowadays the technology has developed a lot, so it is not necessary to cut it A better and more modern method is ” laser treatment ” in which the patient does not have to cut the tonsils away. While also losing a little blood Recover faster Stayed overnight at the hospital and returned home
  18. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, because drinking a lot of water can help clear bacteria from saliva.
  19. Don’t let your mouth dry. Because it causes the concentration of bacteria in the mouth to increase until causing bad breath.
  20. Quit smoking Because smoking, in addition to being harmful to health It is another factor that makes periodontal disease more severe. And the smell of cigarette residue in the mouth, when mixed with other odors, can cause a unique foul odor
  21. Drink lemonade because lemon juice can increase the amount of saliva.
  22. Coconut oil can help. Believe it or not, coconut oil can help stop your bad breath. With the use of coconut oil inside the mouth, then slowly move the oil around for 15-20 minutes and then spit out.
  23. Eating foods that contain a lot of fiber is another easy way to help reduce bad breath.
  24. Avoid drinking coffee or other beverages that cause bad breath.
  25. Foods that contain sugar and acidic Can cause bad breath and tooth decay Therefore should avoid or reduce the amount or frequency of eating sugary foods Not eating sweet food as a snack Avoid drinking acidic beverages such as soft drinks, fruit juices. If you drink them, drink them without having to eat. To drink tea or milk instead of acidic beverages And brush your teeth after drinking an acidic drink for no more than an hour
  26. Eat a full 5 food groups, even if you are losing weight or obesity.
  27. Fruits and vegetables deodorize bad breath Some fruits and vegetables can help reduce bad breath, such as chewing celery or mint leaves after eating. Eating avocado (Because avocado meat helps to get rid of rotten food that remains in the large intestine, which is a major cause of bad breath) Eating bananas, mangosteen, pomegranate, plum, or even certain vitamins or substances can help reduce bad breath, such as vitamin B3, chlor Ruffel, baking soda, etc.
  28. Bad breath herbs Many herbs can stop bad breath, such as chewing betel nut, chewing basil root, chewing the leaves of people, chewing guava leaves, basil leaves, parsley leaves, using fresh strawberry leaves to soak in the water overnight. And then used to gargle, using fresh Khlung leaves to mix with salt to eat, use the Hoot root to soak in water and then eat and soak frequently, clove flowers, chewing rhizome, locomotor activity, that draw uterus, Kaeng Tawan, Ginger, Galangal, Young Wheat Seedling Juice, Green Tea etc.
  29. Stop bad breath with natural ingredients Is another interesting option by suggesting 2 formulasof natural mouth odor remover , the first formula is Ginger and Lemon Recipe By using 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon fresh ginger juice and 1 cup of warm water to mix together. Use to gargle once a day after brushing your teeth in the morning. And guava leaf recipe By bringing guava leaves to wash water thoroughly Then pound it thoroughly, mixed with 0.9% saline that can be purchased at most pharmacies Soak for 10-15 minutes, then filter out the water and use to rinse.

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