Mae Chon Luang Agricultural Experimental Station, Chiang Mai

Nestled in the beautiful valley of Amphoe Mae Chaem is agricultural station of the Royal Projects is set under the idea of agro-tourism site visitors can enjoy scenic valleys and plantations as well as experience the experimental process for agricultural produces. Mae Chun Luang station focuses on doing researches and studies about fruits for high-terrain landscape and cool weather. If you visit the station in winter time, let’s say December to February, you will get a chance to witness the blossom of pink-colored cherry blossom flowers as well as other floral plants in various palettes. Tea lovers shouldn’t miss to visit the tea plantations, where various kinds of tea are grown, as well as sample the tender aromas and tastes of them. Yam Bai Cha, or spicy tea-leaf salad, is a specialty available you should also try. A wide range of accommodation options are available for either 50-member group or a sweet couple.

Mae Chon Luang Agricultural Experiment Station has a variety of plants that alternately blossom and produce fruits all year round. If visiting the station in early and the end of January every year, travellers will enjoy a magnificent sight of pink Wild Himalayan Cherry (Thailand Sakura) blossoming all over the site. However, if anyone fails to come here in Thailand Sakura blooming season, you don’t have to worry, since there are also many other tourist attractions here.

The first spot is the Information Center. Visitors can view the exhibition and watch the Station introduction videos. In the north east of the Information center are pear beds, which consists of 2 species; Western pears, and Chinese pears. The third spot is winter flower beds, such as Gerbera, Statice, Petunia. Next, there’s also strawberry, and organic vegetable plants. If visiting in the early of the year, around January to March, tourist can pick strawberries in the farm for fresh tasting as well. The last highlight that shouldn’t be missed is tea plantations. Here, visitors can view the process of making tea, and can probably get a chance to taste a spicy tea-leaf salad, available only at this station. Moreover, there are also fruit demonstration orchards of various fruits, such as Macadamia nuts, passion fruit, and Chinese chestnut.

For those who are interested, this station is located in the area of Baan Mong Khun Mae Wang, Moo 6, Tambon Mae Na Chon, Amphoe Mae Jaem, Chiang Mai. You can take your personal cars, or get a two-row seat bus at the trailhead up to Doi Inthanon. There are 2 routes to reach the station.
-The first route starts from Chiang Mai city. Take Chiang Mai-Hod Highway, drive pass Amphoe Chom Thong, and turn right up to Doi Inthanon. When reaching kilometer 31st, turn right and pass through the Doi Inthanon Royal Project. Then, go over a tarred street around 16 kilometers, as you see Chiang Mai Royal Agricultural Research Center (Khun Wang), turn left. Drive another 6 kilometers on a dirt road to Mae Chon Luang Agricultural Experiment Station. The total distance is 120 kilometers, within around 2-3 hours.

The second route starts at Chiang Mai, passing Amphoe San Pa Tong. Turn right at San Pa Tong to Highway No. 1013, and drive through Amphoe Mae Wang. You will see an intersection on the left, then turn left, and follow the path up to the mountain to Baan Nong Tao, Baan Pa Kluay, and Baan Pong Lom Raeng. Next, turn right, and continue for 9 kilometers, you will reach Mae Chon Luang Agricultural Experiment Station (It takes around 15 kilometers on a dirt road from Baan Nong Tao to the destination) The total distance is 92 kilometers, within 2 and 2 ½ hours.

Mae Chon Luang Agricultural Experiment Station, visitors can travel to the adjacent attractions. For example, Baan Mong Mae Khun Wang Village (20 minutes drive from the station) where lifestyle of Mong hill tribe, and embroidery work by the female villagers are displayed, Sirirat waterfall (10 minutes walk from the intersection at the station) which water flows abundantly all year round.

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