20 ways to cure hiccups!

Hiccup (Hiccough, Singultus) is a sudden (not a disease) condition that is not intended to cause But occurs automatically (Preventing it in any way is not possible.) The body cannot control the symptoms or Reflex. It is a very common symptom of both men and women, from the fetus to the elderly. Especially in newborns, young children, older children, adolescents and young adults are more common.

Hiccup is generally a sporadic symptom. The mechanism is believed to be due to the disturbance of the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles. Which has the same respiratory function as the diaphragm, resulting in the diaphragm and the muscles between the ribs contracting immediately Resulting in immediate inhalation Followed by the lid closed immediately after breathing through the larynx. Therefore made a sound Will occur approximately 4-60 times per minute. Generally, hiccups will go away within a minute or an hour.

Causes of hiccup
In general, hiccup is a normal symptom. With common causes or risk factors such as

  • Breathe in the fumes
  • Eat too fast, eat too much or too full
  • Eat symptoms that cause a lot of gas
  • Eat spicy foods such as spicy, sour, salty, sweet,
  • There is a sudden change in the temperature of the stomach, such as eating hot food Or drinking cold drinks On an empty stomach
  • Drink beverages that cause gas or foam, such as soft drinks or beer.
  • Smoking, smoking, or drinking alcohol
  • Lumps in the neck area such as a goiter
  • Side effects come from certain drugs such as chemotherapy for cancer treatment.
  • Hiccup can be associated with psychological and emotional problems such as excitement, stress, anxiety, depression, these fears may be the cause of hiccups.

How to cure hiccups
As said before that Hiccup will go away by itself. No need to maintain But there are methods of folk wisdom that may help hiccups disappear faster It is believed that these methods can prevent the reflection from causing hiccup, such as

  1. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for 1-10, then exhale. Then drink the water immediately Or hold your breath Then swallow the saliva 3 times and breathe normally Or another way to turn your face Hold your breath for 1-10, then exhale immediately. Then drink 1 cup of water
  2. Breathing in and out in a closed bag or paper bag. By covering the bag with the mouth and nose Then breathe in the bag Endure for a moment until you can not start to breathe short breath for 1-2 minutes, the hiccup will disappear. Or use your hands to protect your mouth and cover your nose But continue to breathe normally, which will help stop hiccups Due to getting more carbon dioxide
  3. Drinking water correctly can help to cure hiccups !! There are many methods such as Drinking lukewarm water 9 Gulp a sip of water from several quick glasses in succession, or sip very cold water or drink very cold water slowly all the time and keep swallowing it until the hiccups disappear. Or unable to hold his breath
  4. To bend forward at the waist level and drink from the edge of the glass opposite or far from the lips. (Add a full glass of water and then slowly drink from the edge of the glass), see that many people use this method and it is very effective. Or another way is easier, to put water in the chin and then try to swallow the water in it. Know in one round.
  5. Eat sour foods such as 100% lemon juice by squeezing 1 teaspoon lemon and sipping in hiccups. Or swallow a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, which will help attack the taste buds and quickly heal hiccups.
  6. Eat granulated sugar without drinking water. A study from the University of Michigan, USA, found that swallowing 1 tablespoon of plain sugar (without water) can help cure hiccup by up to 19 people out of a total of 20 people.
  7. Aside from swallowing sugar that works well Swallowing rice cubes A loaf of bread or a chew of dry bread, a small piece of ice cubes, or swallowing a crushed ice can also help.
  8. Try 1 teaspoon of peanut butter piled up while chewing and nudge the peanut butter out of your tongue and teeth. Swallowing and breathing patterns will be interrupted. And may cause hiccups to go away
  9. Use a finger to plug the ear for about 20-30 seconds or go with the ear plug and suck the water from the tube too. One way or another is to press the soft skin on the back of the earlobe, following the skull. This will help relax the signal through the vagus nerve, which is a part of the brain stem and connects to the diaphragm.
  10. Use your thumb and index finger to grasp the tongue and pull it forward. Or stick the tongue out for a long time to help open the closed trachea
  11. Squeeze the nose with your index finger and thumb, then drink about 7 cups of water (or until you can’t hold your breath) while keeping your nose pressed until you feel the air coming out of your ear. He said he did this no more than 3 times!
  12. Hit the point to solve hiccups Is a Chinese medicine trick Before pressing the points, sit back straight or lie on your back. Then use your thumb to press down on the eyebrows at the same time on both sides (the point of the juiciness). With the remaining four fingers to hold the head, gently press first and then gradually stronger by pressing gently alternately, holding heavy until Hiccup will disappear for about 3-6 minutes. Once hiccup disappears then stop pressing.
  13. Press the point with the index finger and the thumb, squeezing at the hill that is next to the thumb of the other hand. The stronger the better Alternatively, press the points around the groove above the lips. Because the pressure will help divert your nervous system from hiccups
  14. Palate massage
  15. Kick inside the nostril to sneeze And will immediately disappear hiccup !!
  16. Specify normal in-out breath Trying to focus only on your breath And will notice that the hiccup phase will gradually increase in the first few hiccups After doing so, the hiccup will disappear.
  17. To startle, such as slapping hard after not realizing Or causing violent emotions such as anger, excitement, or fear or distractions, such as asking “What is the soybean milk made from?” Amazing, it really recovered!
  18. Smell of a pungent substance such as ammonia
  19. If the baby is a hiccup or a baby, then should be carried over the shoulder, gently rub the back of the hand to burp.
  20. As for other methods that may be effective, there are many methods, such as mouthwash, chewing old galangal heads, drinking water, holding a pen, drinking water, eating a spicy sauce, swallowing honey with warm water (1 teaspoon honey), swallowing powder Cocoa or Ovaltine, gently chew and swallow dill seeds, use a paper towel to cover the glass with drinking water And trying to drink water (When you use water to suck through the paper, the diaphragm will have to exert more force Therefore helps to resist muscle spasms).

Hiccup, if continued for several days Is considered abnormal You should see a doctor Because it may be caused by other diseases such as brain disorders Gastrointestinal disease Paralysis Inflammation in the abdomen in the diaphragm Ischemic stroke but most patients who see a doctor with hiccups for a long time in a row Due to abnormal brain conditions or paralysis These symptoms can provide medication to help relieve hiccups.

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