Know AI as a Consumer

A consumer of this era Must wake up to know each other Do not even achieve Dharma. But have to be aware of technology a little Although we do not know anything about doing business. But in our lives today, there are businesses around us and see us as … What good … Thinking like dark, it would be a delicious bait. .. think like a beautiful world, look good .. Must be called a customer and the customer is God. As marketers like to say But whatever you call Consumers are customers of the brand or organization. And brands or organizations today are trying to find a way to “penetrate” or “guess” or guess or understand And try to come to be a “knowing heart” for us. Will he love us? We don’t know, but he will try to guess the heart, understand us better than girlfriend. Sure, even if we don’t know each other, but if he understands our behavior Win our hearts through him and we will be customers that are loyal to the brand by default.

One of the strategies that the organization is trying to penetrate our hearts is to detect and observe our behavior. Especially the behavior of using online media in all channels such as the website, social media, application Or whichever way it passes through our hands Especially this mobile phone is great Don’t think that information is in our hands. Our mobile phone is our personal matter. No one can come and take it. Wrong thoughts and new ideas and wake up to know each other The method that the organization is using Surveillance and exploration of digital behavior is a technology called AI or Artificial Intelligence or the beautiful Thai language. That artificial intelligence, sure enough. So what is AI? Foreign objects in our lives that we need to be extremely careful or not From attending many dialogue, I would like to summarize to understand easily that ….

Now, many organizations are using AI technology to secretly explore our lifestyle habits. Secretly look at that What are we doing? When? Talk to anyone. Interested? Watch what content? What kind of shopping do you like? Who did you do business with? How to live life, like to go where to like, what to eat, who likes to live with What kind of books are read, what genres of movies, etc. Our stories are considered secret. Therefore not secret anymore Although people around us may not know, but God, AI, he knows .. Ask what he knows from Is because we live our lives in connection with the online world Like that, can’t be separated like today. Via computer Surf the internet Via mobile phone Through various applications, etc. For this reason, AI has progressed into a role in our digital age and will continue to increase. Because the organization is trying to bring AI to monitor us every moment Follow each other every nine lives Just carry our mobile phone with us He already knows where we are.

Asking if we need to be scared or not Is not necessary Only need to use intellectual weapons Know how to keep up with the digital world Defensive and adaptive. And make good use of these things, use as us, we are masters, neither we can be slaves. Like using a credit card If we use it as a discount Exchange points to use again But if you can’t use it, then we owe it The way to think about it is as simple as this. In fact, these technologies have made our lives easier in many ways, such as banking transactions. We can do this with mobile applications. Without having to waste time going to the bank branch We can buy things. Without having to pay by cash and without having to go to the store We just sit and spend money at home. And from where we are, we can connect with friends from all over the world As if being by the house

Then we will stay knowing technology And the world of hacking? It just adds a little caution to the user. What personal information Especially related to personal finance. Do not share. Do not put before doing anything. Read carefully first. Like playing online games Who asked before whether to play this game and he asked for access to all kinds of information Do not risk playing it better. Is to protect yourself first But if you protect yourself fully and then there is a problem that has been hacked to trouble again.

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