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Food culture Of each nation There are differences Europeans and Americans use knives and spoons to eat food. But there are many races in Africa, Arabs and Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, including India Popular eating rice by hand While the nations in Asia such as China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam use chopsticks to eat And the people in these three groups Both still maintain their eating culture very well until today. These three eating cultures Eating by hand is seen as not culturally And maybe because of this reason, it’s possible That Thai people accept the European methods of eating in the reign of King Rama 5, but only receive a spoon-fork Not including the use of knives as a common element And since then, spoon-fork has come to play an important role In the Thai culture of eating

Chopsticks that have come to Thailand for a period longer than a spoon-fork But cannot access the Thai kitchens Spoon-fork which is European eating culture Instead more popular And even more in the countryside People do not like to use chopsticks for eating. Laos, which borders China Did not adopt the culture of using Chinese chopsticks But instead prefer using hands and spoons to eat

These evidence show that Takiab is not a food item for Thai and Laotian people because Thai food is not taken into the culture of eating like a spoon and fork. But chopsticks aren’t that they don’t matter at all. Because Chinese food has been inserted into our Thai way of life too Most of which need to use chopsticks as an important tool to eat. especially Noodles and Noodles Until it seems as though Will use chopsticks to eat noodles and noodles only So if you say that Chopsticks are just accessories. In the Thai food culture Would not be very wrong from the truth

Chopsticks play an important role. In the eating culture of Chinese people. In addition, Korea, Japan and Vietnam also have a culture of eating with chopsticks as well All three nations adopted Chinese chopsticks culture. With modifications and developments Until chopsticks became their own national culture. Which is different and different from the Chinese people who gave birth to chopsticks.

The history of chopsticks

In the tang dynasty An educator named Confucius, who is an expert on Confucian texts. Living in the year 574 – 648, he responded to the order of King Tang Tai Jong, compiled ” Wujing Zhengyi ” or “An Exact Implication of the Five Classics” for use as a basis for He has talked about Chinese customs and etiquette. In those days that “Eating manners of the ancient people will not use chopsticks but use hands when eating with others. Hands should be washed thoroughly. Don’t let it be time to eat and rub your pineapples. Pick up your rice, lest people say that it is dirty. “

The ancient people in Confucius said that people in the Confucian era Therefore it is believed that Chinese people should know to use chopsticks. For more than 2,000 years, chopsticks are used to hold vegetables boiled from a pot of curry into a rice bowl. Then took his hand to eat rice If anyone uses chopsticks to push the rice into the mouth Would be considered very bad manners Anything that ancestors have created or specified. No one will dare to violate. The Chinese therefore keep eating habits by hand. Lived for hundreds of years

When did China start using chopsticks? No clear evidence. But it is generally accepted that Chinese people use chopsticks to eat rice widely after the Han Dynasty. Around the 3rd century, people in those days called chopsticks “Zhu” and later changed to ” Kuaizi “. The reason was because the sailors held the word “Zhu” to resonate with the words Meaning “stop” which is not auspicious for navigation Therefore switched to “cross chu” instead of “Zhu” , Chaozhou pronounced “Zhu” says “Tue” (Del) and is still used today. The Chinese people have used chopsticks to eat for a thousand years. Therefore have a lot of knowledge and teachings until becoming Chopsticks culture Which ranges from holding chopsticks that need to be very meticulous Until reaching various restrictions, such as:

  • Do not place chopsticksMust be placed in a uniform order for both of them The placing of the chopsticks is uneven. Considered as a very inauspicious matter Chinese people hold the word “Chang Chang Liang Tuan” literally meaning means three long, two short. This Chinese word usually means death or woe. Therefore, placing chopsticks that make it look like having a long, short stick Therefore is not very auspicious Absolutely do not do this.
  • Do not use chopsticks to point to others. Or hold it in such a way that your index finger Point out the people who are at the table. But using the index finger of other Thai people is considered Also not polite Not only Chinese people
  • do not suck or lick the chopsticks This gesture is a very bad manners. If even sucking until making a loud noise as well Considered a lack of good training.
  • Do not use chopsticks to knock the crockery. Because only beggars would knock the crockery The mouth requested mercy. To encourage compassion Call attention to donations.
  • Don’t use chopsticks in the dining table. Without knowing what kind of food to fork Considered a gesture that should be avoided The chopsticks should be used to grab the food immediately.
  • Do not use chopsticks to dig for food. This act is like The pirates dig the graveyard. To find the desired treasure Considered offensive gestures.
  • Do not hold food to drip into other dishes. Once the food has been pinched, a little should be allowed to drain. To prevent the water from dripping and do not drop the clamped food at the table Or other dishes To do this is a very bad manners
  • do not hold the chopsticks back. Meaning holding the tip of the chopsticks up Use the upper part of the chopsticks to clamp the food This gesture is the most insulting. Because it was considered disregarding one’s self Like hungry until completely ignored.
  • Do not use a single chopstick to pierce into food. Considered as an abusing spirit. No different from raising a middle finger for a foreigner.
  • Do not put chopsticks in a bowl of rice. Because it looks like putting incense in a pot to pay respect to the dead especially If rice is given to someone else, then pin the chopsticks into the rice bowl and send it to them. Considered to be a curse
  • do not put the crossbowle. Chinese people in Beijing are considered disrespectful to one another. Both for yourself and your table mate
  • don’t drop the chopsticks to the ground Because he was extremely bad manners Will make the spirits that sleep peace under the earth panic Considered to be an ingratitude Must hurry to collect those chopsticks, draw the cross-baht mark on the spot where the chopsticks fall immediately While apologizing
  • the way to hold the chopsticks correctly Must hold the chopsticks between the thumb and index finger Allow the remaining three fingers to hold the chopsticks. And must be regarded as equal When full, always place the chopsticks in the middle of the bowl.

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