Coffee History

Coffee is a native plant of Abyssinia and Arabia, which was discovered in the 5th century in the Arabian state at that time. No one paid much attention. Until the late 9th century, an Arabian shepherd named Kaldi took the goat to feed. And the goat had eaten the fruit and the coffee leaf, resulting in unusually high spirits Therefore brought the story to tell one of the moslem The Moss Lemlem then collected the coffee, cracked, roasted the coffee beans and boiled in hot water to drink. Saw that it was rejuvenated Therefore told others to continueArabian people have started to know more about coffee. Therefore making coffee more widespread From arabia Into the Italians, Dutch, German, French, and the coffee production process developed steadily.

For Thailand According to the bibliography of the Philosophy (Mr Gerini, the Italian people) in the year 2393, the Robusta species are Thai-Islamic people. Name Was the first planting leader in Saba Yoi District, Songkhla Province in 2447 B.E. and then spread to various provinces Of Thailand at present

Today, coffee is one of the most important economic crops in the world. Coffee is classified in the Commodity, which consists of 5 types of coffee, tobacco, rubber, tea and cocoa. Each year, coffee beans are produced in the market for more than 5 million tons. Brazil in South America can produce coffee. most In some years, it produces more than 70 percent of the total output.

There is evidence in Thailand that Coffee has been grown since the Ayutthaya period as a royal capital. During the Rattanakosin period, coffee was grown more and more. Especially during the reign of King Rama 3 and Rama IV, coffee was grown in Bangkok ever. The first coffee shop in Thailand began in the year 2460 during the reign of King Rama IV area of ​​Kak Phraya Sri. After that, there is an increasing popularity of coffee shops.

Coffee drinking

Many studies have shown the advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee, such as coffee with antioxidants that help prevent colon cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, while also finding that drinking two or more cups of coffee. May cause the substance to cause increased inflammation Which later leads to heart disease
The researchers analyzed the results, found that people who drink coffee at least 200 cc per day (a little more than one cup, which is in the group considered moderate drinking. With one cup of coffee containing 28 milligrams of caffeine, the drinker may drink some instant coffee, some roasted coffee will be cappuccino or espresso Or whatever type has different amounts of caffeine The researchers will calculate the difference here.) There are more signs of inflammation than those who do not drink coffee.

Women who have difficulty getting pregnant are likely to have a lower chance of becoming pregnant if they drink several cups of Dafafam daily. Or consistently throughout the day (Although caffeine is not as damaging as alcohol as alcohol)

The role of coffee in human society

Nowadays, coffee is a drink that is popularly consumed by humans. Due to many qualities The first feature is the coffee’s unique aroma and flavor. But the aroma and taste of coffee, even if pleasing to humans, would not make as many people drink as it is If there are no other factors supporting the property , coffee is an organic alkaloid called caffeine, which affects the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system of humans. Causing coffee drinkers to become alert and not sleepy, making them very popular

In addition, caffeine also has mild drug-like properties. People who drink coffee often want to drink regularly, as the villagers call ” addicted to coffee”,  it is one of the reasons why many people drink coffee. One phenomenon that is a consequence of drinking coffee. And especially interesting is when the place where coffee is sold Or a coffee shop that brews coffee, serving customers to sit and drink at the shop Quickly became popular in Europe The first coffee shop was established in Venice, Italy in the year 1624 in England, established in the year 2195.

For the next 23 years, the year 2218, there were many more cafes. Only in London, there are more than 3,000 shops. Interesting is not the number of cafes that have increased dramatically. It is the behavior of coffee drinkers who like to group, meet, talk, exchange ideas, debate, criticize various stories. Widely and regularly Especially in political homework Thailand is known in the parlance as ” General”  there.

Coffee as an herb

Medicinal properties of coffee Mostly, it is the result of caffeine, which is contained in coffee beans, about 0.8-1.7 percent. Thai herbal recipes do not use coffee to treat the disease directly, as other herbs. But it has been compiled in the Thai medicinal properties of botanical, elemental and animal materials of the Association of Traditional Medical Schools. The Phra Chetuphon Temple Office (Wat Pho) states that coffee’s properties are to cause stiff eyes, nourish the heart, cure headache due to nerves. Relieve asthma

Nowadays, most Thai people only know instant coffee which can be brewed with hot water immediately. But in the past, going back 30 years, most Thais know only roasted coffee beans in coarse powder. To make coffee, use a cone-shaped cloth bag. Diameter of about 5 inches, length of about 10 inches is an important equipment is to filter coffee powder from coffee that brews hot water.

Coffee has played a role in Thai society and can become a phrase in Thai. Even more, coffee has become more active, such as the term ” coffee break”,  which means rest during work or meetings for coffee. (Or do other activities) that became expressions that are increasingly recognized among Thai people.

Regardless of what you look at Coffee would be with humans and Thai society for a long time. While more people drink coffee How many people will pay attention to the source of the coffee they are drinking. About how coffee farmers are struggling, poor, and suffering How are major corporations playing a role in determining the way of life for both farmers and consumers? And how the instant coffee that is being drunk is different from the real coffee, etc.

Advantages of drinking coffee

  • Reduce unilateral headache Or migraine pain
  • Helps to eliminate drowsiness and fatigue.
  • Increase energy for the body
  • Inhibits the spread of cancer

Disadvantages of drinking coffee

  • Just one cup can increase blood sugar.
  • Many cups per day Can reduce the integrity of the body, especially women
  • Calcium in the body is washed with caffeine. Can cause osteoporosis
  • Caffeine intervenes with deep, slow but deep sleep disturbances which prevent the body from resting fully.
  • Caffeine causes anxiety symptoms. Or getting scared for worse

Coffee is the drink that the world today knows and likes to drink the most. And become one of the most important economic crops in the world And also has a role to human society, such as the Thai expression that the coffee break coffee and coffee will be with humans and Thai society for a long time. While more people drink coffee

However, drinking coffee is both beneficial and harmful if drinking too much. Can cause heart disease Try asking yourself whether we drink too much coffee or not per day.

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