Knowledge of Papyrus Paper in Ancient Egypt

Papyrus paper is the world’s first paper made from papyrus used to record praises to gods and important events In ancient Egypt

The world’s first paper produced by the ancient Egyptians. The origins and objectives are quite sacred and are worshiped. Is an inscription of the prayer Praise to the gods and oaths that are contained in the Egyptian pyramids In the age of the pharaohs and assumptions about 3,000 years ago, the word Papyrus should be a transliteration with the Portuguese language Paper.

Papyrus is a perennial grass in the family of reeds and papyrus. Prefers wet soil, green stems about 1-5 meters high, flexible and stable with the dry weather of Egypt well. And has been engraved with the hieroglyph Also known as Hieroglyphs

The production of papyrus paper was done by cutting the stems of the old papyrus into pieces, then using a knife. Peel the green skin until it shows the yellow wood pulp inside. Then slice along the length into a thin sheet and then soaked in water for 6 – 7 days. After 1 week, the thin sheet will turn brown. Then placed and rolled out, rolled until dry Finished, then weave, arrange, set and cross each one, once weave, leave for 1 week then put in the sun for 1 day to get.

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