Plant milk is a new alternative for people who are allergic in cow’s milk

In general, one of the reasons for not eating cow’s milk is cow’s allergy. Which is caused by the immune system in the milk protein Symptoms found are Rash on the skin Respiratory distress, vomiting, hives, allergic reactions to cow’s milk. Considered to be more severe than those in the low milk digestibility ability In severe cases Fatal But not drinking milk at all May cause us to lose nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D for use in growth. Today we try to see other types of milk. That comes from plants, which are what? Let’s see.

Soymilk is probably second only to cow’s milk. Aside from being easy to find at convenience stores, it is also easy to find in the market by using the name ” soy milk.” There are many benefits of soy milk, both rich in good fat and high in protein Eating and helping to become full quickly Also has high fiber Therefore suitable for people who are losing weight Because it causes less appetite In addition, it also has antioxidants. Which can be resistant to cancer, especially cancer related to the reproductive system To see that soy milk has many benefits. However, eating too much can lead to penalties. Because it may cause abnormal hormones Drinking 1 box of soymilk per day is considered as appropriate for the body and has no negative effects.

Almond milk

Milk from raw almonds is blended and filtered to remove milk. Has a distinctive feature that the almond fragrance brings Almond milk is a healthy drink that is suitable for all ages. People who want to lose weight And does not yet have estrogen Therefore does not affect the hormonal system like soy milk Almond milk has many benefits, both skin care. Rich in vitamin E and Omega 3, making the skin look younger and firm. Also helps to cure constipation Because almonds are foods that are high in fiber Therefore helping the digestive system to work more efficiently Many people may have heard that eating almond milk helps in weight loss. That may be because almond milk is very low in calories and is still pregnant for a long time and there is a lot of good fat There are also vitamins that help in the metabolism.

Corn milk is another drink that is rich in many vitamins. The key is delicious, easy to drink, easy to digest, the key is to nourish the eyes. Because it is rich in vitamin A. Reduce the rate of degeneration of the eyeball Preventing cataracts And also contains beta carotene Prevents sunburn, resists lung cancer And the corn fiber also helps the digestive system to function well, thereby reducing the risk of colon cancer.

Aside from rice, it is a staple food that Thai people eat almost every day. Rice can also be processed into “rice milk” which is a substitute for cow’s milk. With rice milk having higher carbohydrates And has lower protein than cow’s milk But drinking rice milk will cause the body to digest and absorb easily And also does not have cholesterol Because it does not contain animal fat But contains a lot of vegetable fats Which is a polyunsaturated fat that is good for health, therefore suitable for weight control.

Coconut milk is derived from the extraction from coconut meat. Easily burns, absorbs well. Rich in benefits from 7 types of fatty acids like in breast milk. And coconut milk is also useful in helping to slow down aging. And has very low calories Some people may wonder if this coconut milk tastes like coconut milk, which actually has better taste and texture than coconut milk.

Although you or your family will be allergic to cow’s milk protein. Without having to worry about whether you will receive all the nutrients or not There are other options for you to fill in the missing parts. And has benefits similar to cow’s milk as well Although the protein from animals is derived from the meat. And the animal products, which are milk and eggs. Proteins from plants that are obtained from grains and seeds provide sufficient benefits to replace meat and milk.

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