Travel to and visit Egypt

Cairo is the living conditions of the Egyptians are crowded in the capital to 15 million, which is considered a city ranked in the top of the community. The world’s tourist attractions in Egypt There are many places to visit. Whether it is ancient ways, karma, art, history. That is worth learning and studying such as:

  1. Khan El Khali Market – The largest market for flooring and souvenirs in Cairo. You can buy many beautiful local items such as handmade perfume bottles, various products, jewelery and jewels, Arabian patterns, carpets and local souvenirs.
  2. Pyramid ladder – a large structure Used as the burial ground of King Chaucer And was the prototype of the later pyramid years
  3. Perfume factory – perfume factory Which is said that the making of this perfume has been carried on since Queen Cleopatra And here is also the center of large-scale perfume production for famous brand names Many brands as well
  4. Belly dance – the famous and dance Various local performances and music
  5. The Pomeranian Column – was an important thing in the Roman era to govern Egypt. It is a 27-meter-high granite column. Pompey is a close friend of Julius Caesar, the great Roman leader. After both became enemies and Pompey fled to the city of Alexandria in Egypt. And killed by the Egyptians Nowadays, there are only ancient Greek columns. Outstandingly located And two other sphinxs
  6. The Tomb of Alexandria is 1 in 7 Wonders of the Middle Ages – Roman Tomb of the White Roman. In the past there were more than 50,000 bodies. This tomb has three floors. 2 is the burial ground and the 3rd floor is used as a gathering place for relatives to remember the dead. By having a full day party Which tells that when archaeologists first discovered this place On the table there is also a bottle of wine and a plate.
  7. National Museum of Egypt – famous Is a place that combines the most ancient art (Mummy admission tickets for all 11 kings are not included in the program. If you are interested, please contact the tour leader. Admission fees are around 100 Egyptian pounds, or about 20 USD.)
  8. Real gold coffin with gold mask – the world famous Pharaoh Tutankhamun And many other personal belongings of His Majesty, such as the bed, the fan, the toys, the chariot and the golden chair The picture on the back of the chair is very romantic, a picture of Pharaoh Tutankhamun is sitting on the chair and his wife is applying perfume oil. Both wear sandals on each side, showing deep love and generosity. You will also get to see other precious treasures. Many more such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, exquisite workmanship, all things are more than 3,000 years old
  9. The papyrus – the world’s first paper made from papyrus (Papyrus) used to record messages and events that glorify God. In ancient Egypt
  10. Mosque of Mohammad Ali – Started in 1830 and completed in 1857. Designed by Greek architects. In the form of an ottoman or a Turkish present Inside, there is a clock on the courtyard in the mosque, which is a gift in exchange for the obelisk of Ramesses II. To build good relations between Egypt, France

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