Knowledge Around the World Part 1

  1. Which country produces the most copper (US)?
  2. Who is the first senior statesman in Thailand? (Mr. Pridi Banomyong)
  3. In which reign was the first tricolor flag used (Rama 6)?
  4. Specify January 1 as the New Year’s Day instead of Songkran Day for the first time (Rama VIII).
  5. What is Ayutthaya’s first literature? (Lilit verses damnation)
  6. Which nation is the first country to sail? (Ancient egypt)
  7. The first industrial system in which country? (England in the late 18th century)
  8. What is the name of the ancient medicine in the scriptures? (Primary Chinda)
  9. Airbag first installed with which brand of car (Chrysler)
  10. The Great Rome of the Age of Who (Julius Caesar)
  11. Which country has the best waste management name in the world (Japan)
  12. What is the forest in which the Lord Buddha has performed orientation? (Forest of Hispanic Maruekhathayawan)
  13. In which reign was the Red Cross Day held? (Rama VII)
  14. Leaders fight against racism in America Who won the Nobel Prize in 1964? (Martin Luther King)
  15. The nightingale is known to sing well. What kind of bird (magpie)
  16. Why does Spain choose October 12 of every year as National Day? (The day that Columbus discovered the American continent, as if finding a world.)
  17. Which country in Europe is the third largest? After Russia and France (Spain)
  18. Which Australian state prohibits women from boxing? (New South Wales Canada allowed women to punch in 1991, 1993 followed by the United States)
  19. Which province has the most oil palm plantation area (Krabi)?
  20. Where was AIDS first discovered? (U.S., 1978)
  21. Sakai people use something to moisten the tip of the dart to cause poisoning (yoke).
  22. When did Thailand become a party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child? (1992, all children are protected in accordance with the spirit of the Convention).
  23. When will the Panama Canal be liberated, ending US control? (14 December 1999)
  24. Who is the first Thai movie heroine (Sangiam Nawisathian)
  25. The Thai horse sack is distorted from “Jama” which is the shoulder fabric of which country (Persia)
  26. Mrs. Corazon Aquino is the first female president of which country (Philippines)?
  27. Which mountain is the longest in the world? (Andes Mountains)
  28. In which river basin is China’s oldest civilization? (Yellow River)
  29. Which country consumes the most fish? (Japan)
  30. Which dam is the largest in the south? (Bang Lang Yala Dam)
  31. Who teaches Thai disabled children learning Braille for the first time (Miss Jennifer Chlorfield)
  32. Where is the world’s largest Buddhist pagoda? (Borobudur Pagoda, Indonesia)
  33. Israel has the most religious citizenship (Judaism or Jews)
  34. What is the first pope? (St. Peter’s)
  35. Who bought the first Mona Lisa image? (King Francis 1 Of France, he used this image to decorate the bathroom)
  36. What is the oldest political party in India? (Congress)
  37. The first Monday of October every year How important is the day for the world (World Habitat Day)
  38. Alfred the Great Is the only emperor of any country (England)
  39. Where is the legend about the origin of the Bible? (Eden Garden)
  40. Who Invented the Kodak Camera (York Eastman)
  41. Which country is the Parasite land which means “tiger”? (Persia or Iran)
  42. Which country is the Parasite which means “tiger”? (Persian or Iran)
  43. Stone Age divided into 3 eras. What era? (Old Stone Age, Middle Stone and New Stone)
  44. What is the usefulness of Kor boats and in the lower southern provinces? (Is a fishing boat)
  45. Which Chinese dynasty was the first dynasty? (Xiamen Dynasty)
  46. ​​Sticking out your tongue, using your nose to rub it on is a welcome greeting for any indigenous people (Maori people).
  47. House Number 99999 Corvatoon, Finland. Who is the House of (Santa Claus)?
  48. Who discovered gas, helium, argon, neon (Sir William Ramsi, a British chemist)
  49. Who is the Philippine liberator from Spain and who is the first president? (Emilio Aguinaldo)
  50. What fruit has the most vitamin C?
  51. What is the oldest vegetable that humans have ever known (beans)?
  52. Condor Condor Where is the largest flying bird in the world? (Andes Mountains)
  53. Who built the first book printer (German Kutenberg)
  54. The first Thai highway built during the period of Prime Minister (Field Marshal P. Phibun Songkram)
  55. Anyone thinks of multiplication table (Pythagoras, Greek philosopher)
  56. Who set up the Wanglang Lady School, the first female school in Thailand (Mam House)
  57. What school did Madam Tutu set up? (Samre Boy Christian School, School Which is the first school in Thailand)
  58. In which province is the largest source of cockles in Thailand? (Phetchaburi)
  59. Who proposed to use X as a symbol for multiplication signs (English mathematician William Oxtrand)
  60. Chart Kobchitti received the SEA Write Award for 2 books, what is the matter (“Judgment” in 1982 and “Time” in 1994).
  61. King Prajadhipok died in which country (England)
  62. Which cup is the most important football club in England? (Premiership Cup)
  63. 23 What is the capital city of Switzerland? (Bern)
  64. What brand of carbonated soft drink was Joseph B. Denten (Coca-Cola)?
  65. The hunter is slow What are the bear hunting (Bear bile used as medicine at a good price)
  66. Who is the first Russian national poet (Pushkin)
  67. Where was the first fish discovered? (Thai)
  68. Where is the only casino on the Muslim land? (Genting casino, Malaysia)
  69. “Los Servatore Roma” is the only newspaper in which? (Vatican Bureau)
  70. Who Found Victoria Falls (Livingstone)