Knowledge Around the World Part 2

  1. In which country did the industrial revolution first begin? (English)
  2. What products make Venezuela the richest in South America? (Oil)
  3. In which country is the longest river Volga? (Russia)
  4. What is the biggest beer festival in the world? (Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany)
  5. National park near Bangkok Which one is the most? (Khao Sam Lan National Park, Saraburi)
  6. Who is the world’s first physicist? (Achimedes)
  7. Who’s image appears on the first US stamp (George Washington)
  8. Who created the first colorful cartoon movie (Walt Disney)
  9. Every few years, Venus will be closest to Earth (8 years).
  10. Who first found the blood cycle (William Harvey)
  11. North Korea people praise who is “The Immortal Father” (Kim Il Sung)
  12. What is the highest position of Muslims in Thailand? (Chulalongkorn Mayor)
  13. Where is the first sports school in Thailand? (Suphanburi Physical Education College)
  14. In which land is the Greece Bear, the largest bear in the world? (North America)
  15. Banknotes first used in any reign (Rama 5)
  16. Is there a promulgation of the extension of the Act? (Reign 6)
  17. Who is the last Emperor of China (Pu Yi)
  18. Which ship is the world’s first commercial using atomic energy? (Savannah)
  19. What was the name of the Miss Thai pageant competition in year 1934?
  20. Northeastern provinces that are far from Bangkok What province is the most (Nakhon Phanom)?
  21. Who is the first American to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature? (Harry Sinclair Lewis)
  22. What is the smallest mammals in the world? (Korkawakhun Kitti)
  23. Who is the last Russian emperor? (King Tsar Nicholas 2)
  24. What is the largest sundial in the world? (The Great Pyramid of Kiosks in Egypt)
  25. What did David Bushnell create? (Submarine)
  26. Where is the most beautiful fountain in the world? (Yellowstone fountain, USA)
  27. In what period did Thailand become a member of the United Nations? (Rama 9)
  28. Thailand is the first gold medal holder in the SEA Games outside of the home (20th SEA Games in Brunei).
  29. What did Sir William Ram (Nikel)
  30. Which church in Paris, which means “Our Mother” (Notre Dame Church)
  31. Which Steamboat Across the Atlantic Is the First (Savannah boat)
  32. Which city in Cuba The American Naval Battle of Spain (City of Santiago)
  33. What tree did ancient people use to make paper to write? (The original papyrus grew in Egypt)
  34. The first newsreader in the Thai language department Who is BBC Radio? (Sano Tan Bun Yuen)
  35. Coffee is the most planted in any province (Sawi Chumphon District)
  36. In what year did Russia’s Mir space station fall into the ocean (2000)?
  37. Which retail store is the largest in the world? (Walmart Store, USA)
  38. Lake Superior Where is the largest lake in the world? (Canada and the United States)
  39. In which country did the copyrights occur? (English)
  40. Who is the first person thinking of making artificial rain in Thailand (MR Thep Ritewakul)
  41. Which province produces the most pepper (Chanthaburi)
  42. “Rutland” is the smallest province of which country (England)?
  43. Roald Amundsen, the first Norwegian to arrive (Antarctica)
  44. Which country in the Asia-Pacific region causes the most forest fires (Indonesia)
  45. Who is the “Dharma Professor” position? (Dr. Pueai Ungphakorn)
  46. The first railway track in the world was built in which country? (England)
  47. Which ancient sites of Thailand Older than Angkor Wat (Prasat Hin Phimai)
  48. The first television station in Thailand When did it occur (B.E. 2473 by the initiative of King Boromwong, Krom Phra Kamphaengphet Akharayothin, Minister of Commerce and Transport)
  49. Radio Broadcasting Station of Thailand When did it happen (Changed name from “Bangkok Radio Station” on 1 January 1941 by the Department of Advertising (Or the Department of Public Relations) has been operating until today)
  50. National Highway Which is the longest main road in Thailand? (The southern highway is Petchkasem Road)
  51. What is the longest railway line in Thailand (which is the Southern Railway)?
  52. Where is the longest railway tunnel in Thailand? (Khun Than Tunnel, Lampang Province)
  53. The largest freshwater fish in Thailand And what is the largest fish in the world (Giant catfish)
  54. What is the longest bridge in Thailand? (Tinsulanon Bridge)
  55. Bridge of a single plane in the world, there are 6 places which are the longest in the world (Rama 9 Bridge of Thailand)
  56. Which is the largest auditorium in Thailand? (Queen Sirikit National Convention Center)
  57. Which Thai novel? Is translated into most foreign languages ​​(“Phai Daeng” from the composition of MR Kukrit Pramoj)
  58. Book writing and authorship of Thai people who have Has been translated into most foreign languages ​​(works of Phra Dharmakosajarn or Phutthasat Phikkhu, Than Namlai Temple, Suan Mokkhalaram)
  59. Any Thai newspaper Have the longest life to date (Government Gazette)
  60. Which Thai National Museum has the most “lintel” displayed in Thailand?
  61. (Phimai National Museum by Moon River, Phimai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province)
  62. The largest golden Buddha statue in Thailand Biggest And the enormous value of which Buddha statue (Sukhothai Sukhothai Traimit Wat Traimit Witthaya Ram Bangkok)
  63. Reclining Buddha Or which is the longest reclining Buddha image in Thailand? (Reclining Buddha, Phra Chetuphon Vimolmangklararam (Wat Pho))

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