Knowledge Around the World Part 3

  1. The largest post office box in Thailand In which province? (Box in Betong District Corner of Sukyang Road, Yala Province)
  2. The largest metal cast Buddha statue in the world, located at which temple (Buddha Khodom, Wat Phai Rong Wua, Song Phi Nong District Suphanburi Province )
  3. Which Buddha statue is the tallest in the world (Phra Buddha Rattanamongkol Mahamuni Enshrined at Burapha Ram Temple, Nai Mueang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Roi Et Province)
  4. Who is the Prime Minister of Thailand The most long-held positions (Field Marshal Por Pibulsongkram)
  5. Which Thai Prime Minister? In the shortest period of time, only 17 days (Mr. Thawee Bunyaket)
  6. King Rama V of King Rama V in the year 2445 B.E.)
  7. When was the first Thai Sport Association established? (Established in B.E. 2475 by the name “Siam Sport Association”)
  8. What is the first car assembled by Thai people?
  9. It is a car body teak wrapped in aluminum. Using a 2-speed motorcycle engine similar to a Land Rover Jeep, invented by Mr. Lhong Phongsopon in the year 1954, can seat 4 people)
  10. What is the first Thai novel that happened? When “attempts” were written during the reign of 6, translated from Mary Crelli’s Vendelta, whose translation is Phraya Surintaracha, which uses the pseudonym “Mum Wan”)
  11. First Thai dive site What is the name And in what period (in the reign of King Rama VII by ordering
  12. From Mitsui Company of Japan in 1936, 2 ships were named Royal Matcha Boat And Wirun Royal Boat)
  13. The first pair of adjoining twins in the world are Thai What is the name? (The name In-Chan is a citizen of the province.
  14. Samutsongkhram was born on 11 May 1811)
  15. When was the first cooperative venture established in Thailand (during the reign of King Rama V?
  16. King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Rama VI)
  17. Which bridge was the first to be built over the Mekong River? (Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge between Nong Khai and Wiang Chan His Majesty the King Presided over the official opening ceremony on 8 April 1994)
  18. What was the first Thai movie created in any period? (The first Thai movie was Miss Suwan, created by American Henry Macray in the reign of King Rama VI)
  19. When did the first phone be used in Thailand (during the reign of King Rama V in 2424 B.E.)?
  20. The first telegraph cable in Thailand When did it occur? (The first telegraph line was Bangkok, Samut Prakan in 1875, exactly in the reign of King Rama V)
  21. When did the word “radio” first occur? (In the reign of King Rama 6, the person who coined the term came up as King Rama VI)
  22. Radio broadcasting When did it first occur in Thailand? (On 31 May 1928, during the reign of King Rama VII)
  23. Which river of China is flooded most often? (Yangtze River or Yellow River)
  24. What is the royal robe worn during the reign? (Rama 5)
  25. Who is the last king of Laos? (Phra Sawang Wattana)
  26. How many times does a person’s heart beat a year (36 million times)?
  27. Pharmaceutical products can deteriorate the most, why? (Being ultraviolet)
  28. What was the work of the successful integration of the Jews? (Zionists)
  29. Reykjavík is the capital city of which country? (Iceland)?
  30. What is the unit for measuring the speed of a boat and the wind (knots)?
  31. Where did John Cabot find the land? (Newfoundland)
  32. Who are the planners for Japan attacking the US at Pearl Harbor? (General Nakamu)
  33. Military center of the United States of America Where are you in the building? (Pentagon Building)
  34. Who started the petanque in Thailand (Mr. Chan Phoohan)
  35. What brand of shoes did Philip Knight create (Nike)?
  36. Who thought the lottery was given to Thailand (England’s Alster in the reign of King Rama V)
  37. “Football 5 People”, where is the World Championship for the first time? (Guatemala city)
  38. What herbs are used to make oil to heal bruises and aches (head ache).
  39. Which province is the original Thai dessert (Lop Buri)
  40. Loi Krathong or Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai, held at which river? (Ping river)
  41. Plane B-29 What is the name of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? (Enola Gay)
  42. What is the capital city of Armenia? (Yerawan)
  43. Where do modern boat racing boats have prototypes? (Lop Buri)
  44. In what way was East Pakistan in the past (Bangladesh)?
  45. Where is the first special highway in Thailand called “motorways” (Bangkok – Chonburi)?
  46. How many years has the President of Singapore been in office (6 years)?
  47. No country is born. (The Vatican prohibits those who marry.)
  48. Where is the UN University? (Tokyo)
  49. Which country is the world’s largest democracy? (India)
  50. What did Robert E. Peary travel to? (North Pole)
  51. In North America, what is the largest deer in the world? (Moose)
  52. Hula Dance Who is wearing a straw skirt (Hawaiian people)
  53. What is “Ring f fire” (volcanic area)?
  54. Small plane Can rise and fall on the surface of water, what is called? (Hydroplan)
  55. What is halogen lamps? (New type of car headlight bulb Brighter, more durable)
  56. Where is the origin of the Nile? (Lake Victoria, Uganda)
  57. Who is the most famous magician? (Houdini)
  58. Which university is the best in Asia? (University of Tokyo)
  59. Which country is the longest capital city in the world? (Bangkok)

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