Knowledge Around the World Part 5

  1. Who is the leader of independence to Tanzania? (Julius Nayriere)
  2. What country was Zimbabwe in the past? (Rhodesia)
  3. Law of polygamy Canceled during any reign (Rama VIII).
  4. What is “Wa Young Kulit”? (Java’s uncle’s movie)
  5. Who initiated the Peace Corp Volunteer Unit (President John F. Kennedy)
  6. Where is the largest football stadium in the world? (Maracan football stadium, Brazil)
  7. What Film Do Photos Do (Silver nitrate salt)
  8. What day is the French National Day? (July 14)
  9. World Nature Protection Fund What is your initials? (WWF)
  10. FBI is the police department in which country? (U.S.)
  11. Who is the Last Emperor of France? (Napoleon 3)
  12. Which 3 countries do the most gold produce? (South Africa, Russia and Australia)
  13. Red Swan cheering refers to which football team cheers (Liverpool).
  14. Whoever thinks of a balloon (Joseph and Jacques Monfoge, French)
  15. Which area of ​​Bangkok is near the sea (Tha Kham Subdistrict, Bang Khun Thian District)
  16. 7,000 years old Ban Chiang culture in which province (Udon Thani)?
  17. Which Thai blood group has the least blood group (AB group)?
  18. Which province in Thailand The most Buddhist temples (Nakhon Ratchasima, approximately 1,413 temples)
  19. How much are Buddhist temples nationwide? (28,499 temples)
  20. Mosque in Islam Highest in any province (Pattani has 501 locations)
  21. Where is the longest cape of Thailand? (Laem Talumuk, Pak Phanang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province)
  22. Million Year Old Shell Fossils Where is the oldest discovered in Thailand? (Located at Laem Pho, Muang District Krabi Is a fossilized shell of various types of mollusks, deposited in rock formations, approximately 75 million years old)
  23. Which bridge was the first bridge connecting the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok? (Pathom Borommarajanuson Bridge Or the Phra Buddha Yod Fa Bridge, built during the reign of King Rama VII)
  24. What was the name of the first communications satellite in Thailand? (“Thaicom” or Thai cm on December 17, 1993 This satellite will make Thailand the telecommunications center of East Asia)
  25. The first sports club in Thailand What is the name called and when was it established? (The Royal Bangkok Sports Club Or the Sports Club (The Ryal Bangkk Sprts Club) established with the royal permission from
  26. How Know How Old Is the Fish? (See from the fish scales)
  27. How are horses, donkeys and zebras clean? (Tumble dust pile)
  28. What is the capital city of Japan (Tokyo)?
  29. What is the cup of the European Football Championship? (European Cup)
  30. “Italus” from the name of an ancient king What country was it named (Italy)?
  31. Who initiated the morning Thai daily newspaper (Sanit Chareonrat)
  32. Indians in the United States Which tribe is the most? (Cherokee tribe)
  33. Whose poetry is the writing of the “SEA Write Award”? (Tuesday Kanlayanaphong)
    294 Who is the Last Viceroy in Hong Kong? (Chris Patten)
  34. City of Houston, where spacecraft is built (Texas)
  35. Which President of the United States? Announcing Hawaii as a 50th state (Eisenhower)
  36. What diseases occur in the cold season? (Respiratory Infection)
  37. First person to have heart surgery (Dr. Christian Bernard)
  38. What is the International Space Station’s cooperation with (United States, Russia, Japan, European countries, Canada)?
  39. Who are the first Thai people who chair the UN General Assembly? (Krom Muen Narathiphongpraphan)
  40. “Rambutan Phun School” is the rambutan of which area? (Na San District, Surat Thani)
  41. FIFA football referee must not be older than 45 (45 years)
  42. 150th anniversary of the celebration of Phra Nakhon, held in which period? (Rama 7)
  43. What do we call a small canal that lies along the rice fields in the garden? (Lam Kradong)
  44. What is the sound level of a baritone singer? (Male vocalist)
  45. What pitch is the female high-pitched female singer (Cep Prano)
  46. What does the derby match mean? (English football match between 2 teams in the same city)
  47. How many oil-producing states can there be? (more than 30)

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