Knowledge Around the World Part 6

  1. How many oil-producing states can there be (more than 30)?
  2. What island is the Republic of China located? (Formosa or Taiwan)
  3. President Andrew Jackson sends someone to enter into a trade agreement during the reign of King Rama 3. (Edmund Robert)
  4. What causes tsunami waves (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions)
  5. Which country is the birthplace of blonde-haired people? (Countries in Scandinavia)
  6. What bridge connects Denmark and Sweden? (Oresund Bridge)
  7. Which bridge is named in honor of the Queen during the reign of King Rama 1 (Somdet Phra Amarin Tramat Bridge in Samut Songkhram Province)
  8. What is the position of chief civil servant in each ministry? (Permanent Secretary)
  9. What is the capital city of Yugoslavia (Belgrade)?
  10. What initiative did William Stewart Hutchison in surgery? (Bring rubber gloves)
  11. Which tiger is the largest in the world? (Siberian tiger)
  12. Land of Mesopotamia The land of the two rivers is which river (Tigris and Euphrates)?
  13. Who is Sikur’s Master? (Guru Nanak)
  14. In the past, which nation was a road builder? (The Romans were roads 112,630 km for military purpose.)
  15. What coup was happening only once during the reign of King Rama VI?
  16. Who is the Allied General in Europe in World War 2 (President Eisenhower)
  17. What seat is Phra Nang Klao Bridge in (Nonthaburi)?
  18. Which province has a long coastline? But has the narrowest wide area (Prachuap Khiri Khan)
  19. What is the name of the Tha Makham Bridge? (Bridge on the River Kwai)
  20. Which Chameleon is the Biggest in the World? (Komodo dragon)
  21. What is the great Frederick, Chopin, and the principal missionary (Pol)
  22. Who proposed the slogan “Land and Freedom” share land with Mexican peasants (Emilia Papata)
  23. Who built the loom (Richard Ark Wright)
  24. Who thinks dynamite (Alfred Nobel)
  25. Which city of Beirut is the capital of which country? (Lebanon)
  26. Who is the composer of the Thai national anthem? (Phra Chenduriyang)
  27. What are the pronouns that monks call the king? (Royal service)
  28. What We Call the Naval Dept. (Marines)
  29. What is the first subway line in Thailand? (Sai Chaloem Ratchamongkhon (Hua Lamphong – Bang Sue))
  30. Nawarat Phongphaibun received the SEA Write Award from Poetry for what? (Only movement)
  31. What kind of substance is found in newspaper wrapping paper? (Lead-cadmium)
  32. What is the consumption tax added to the product price? (VAT)
  33. Who built two-phase lens glasses (Benjamin Franklin)
  34. Jin Ying or Gimyong wrote a book about inner strength? (Jade Dragon)
  35. In what war did the United Nations send military aid to combat? (Korean War, fought for 3 years)
  36. In what state is the famous US resort, Miami?
    344 Who is the last king of Xishuangbanna? (Chao Mae Rum)
  37. Where was the origin city of “Noppakhun” in the past? (Bang Saphan House Prachuap Khiri Khan)
  38. What is the most outstanding short story of Manat Charan? (Capture)
  39. In what region? (Isan)
  40. What Is the Name of an Islamic Burial Ground? (Kubo)
  41. What did Mikimoto create? (Cultivate pearls in shells)
  42. Which province has the smallest population (Ranong)?
  43. Who thinks a trailer is used as a dining car and a sleeper car (George M. Pullman)
  44. King Ramkhamhaeng of the Great opens relations with which Chinese emperor (Kupli Khan)
  45. Which city on the Tyne River of England? Assembly of coal mining industry (Newcastle)
  46. Who are the Aborigines of Canada? (Indians and Inuit)
  47. Benito Mussolini in front of the fascist party Is the dictator of which country? (Italy)
  48. Who is the God of Sweden and Norway? (Odin)
  49. What part of the Old World (Eastern Hemisphere, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia)
  50. Where is the New World? (North and South America)
  51. Any forest has a name as a home to a living creature than anywhere else in the world. (Amazon rain forest)
  52. Omaha Kaiyum, what is the love of the people (Persia)
  53. Which Thai bank uses the ATM card as the first bank? (Commercial Bank of Thailand)
  54. Who is the first person who can make cement (Joseph Englishman)
  55. What is the first thing that happens in the world? (Microbes)
  56. Who is the Last Queen of Egypt? (Queen Cleopatra)
  57. What is the oldest football cup in the world? (FA Cup)
  58. In what reign was the first tricolor flag used (Rama 6)?
  59. Which nation initiated the first silk weaving (China)?
  60. Where in Thailand can you see the sun before anyone? (Tak Bai Narathiwat District)
  61. What is the most popular cut flowers in Thailand? (Rose)
  62. What is a tree that benefits humans? (Coconut)
  63. Where is the largest sea in the world? (South China Sea)
  64. Military march is the first in any country? (England)
  65. Which country was the great Persian Empire in the past (Iran)?
  66. What war did the United Nations send its first soldiers to fight in? (Korean War)
  67. James Augustus-Turtles, Henry Montgomery, which collection? (The first Oxford dictionary)
  68. Who was the first president of South Vietnam after dividing Vietnam into 2 countries (Ng Dinh Diem)

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