Knowledge Around the World Part 7

  1. What was the first kingdom of Thailand before the founding of Sukhothai? (Hariphunchai Kingdom and Lanna Kingdom)
  2. Which Royal Boat built on the auspicious occasion of the Royal Jubilee Ceremony (Boat of King Narai Song Suban Rama 9)
  3. How Many Golf is there (18 holes)
  4. Who says there is a “black hole” (Black Hle) (John Wheeler, American physicist)
  5. The article “From the womb to the sediment” shows who’s high and elegant vision (Dr. Puey Ungphakorn)
  6. What birth was the painter Monet (France)
  7. Who is the Mage Who Helps King Arthur in English Tales (Merlin)
  8. What time is “Nanjing” the capital of China? (Dr Sun Yat-sen, the Kuomintang government)
  9. Who discovered mosquitoes as carriers of dengue fever? (Sir Ronald Ross)
  10. China needs to open 5 foreign trade ports. What is the result of war? (Opium War)
  11. Who presented the Nile Tilapia to the King? (Emperor Akihito)
  12. Which Emperor of Japan Given the Constitution to the Japanese? (Emperor Mutsuhito, Meiji era)
  13. The United States Ends the Vietnam War During Who Was President (Richard Nixon)
  14. How important is “black box” with aviation? (Flight details recording box Considered an important part to determine the cause of the plane crash)
  15. Who wrote the first “flying saucer” (Kenneth Arnold)
  16. Who Eliminate the Pharaoh System Became the first president of Egypt (Abdul Gamal Nasser)
  17. “Sir” prefix of noble names of any nation (English)
    394 Who is the leader of the Allied troops conquering the Pacific War? (General Douglas MacArthur)
    1. Gunther Grass, German writer Write about what won the Nobel Prize (The Tindrum)
  18. Summit 3, Indochina national leader, which country (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam)
  19. What is the racist, racial and racist group in America? (Ku Klux Klan)
  20. What is the 14 poem that Shakespeare likes to write called Sonnet?
  21. What is the date of birth and death of William Shakespeare, the English poet? (23 April, with his birthday on 23 April 2007, died 23 April 1616)
  22. Who are wax figures, the important people of the world in the past? (Madame Tusso)
  23. What is the Smallest Province of Canada? (Prince Edward Island, the Big Island in the Gulf of St. Laurence)
  24. Which is the most ferocious carnivorous dinosaur? (Tyrannosaurus rex)
  25. Who are the first powers that rule the islands in the Pacific Ocean (Spain)?
  26. When do Thai people use their ID cards for the first time? (Rama 5)
  27. Which letter is the first and last of all continents? (A)
  28. Total lakes of the whole world Still less than any country lake (Canada)
  29. What is the name of the first movie screening? (Premiere)
  30. What is the maximum penalty for offenders in France? (Imprisonment for life Death penalty abolished in 1982)
  31. Canberra is the capital of which country? (Australia)
  32. Who found the islands of New Zealand and Tasmania (Abel Tasman)
  33. Where is the Chi River flowing through many provinces in northeastern Thailand? (Chaiyaphum Mountains end to the Mun River in Ubon Ratchathani)
  34. Which planet is the smallest (Pluto)?
  35. Who wrote “Maulai Wolf’s Child” (Rudyak Kipling)
  36. Anyone who finds aspirin (Felix Hoffman).
  37. Which Buddha is the most valuable Buddha statue in Amnat Charoen? (Phra Chao Yai Luechaichai)

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