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Thailand History and Detail

Thailand was originally called “Siam” or “Siamese”.

Land is Thailand, mostly from the southern to the northern wilderness as he is in the area known as semi moist and semi-arid. The area is suitable for the settlement of human communities to the cities was almost total. State or territory in the territory of Thailand, initiated mainly. Occurred in the central Northeast and the South occurred at about 7-8 century until the 15th century, settlers moved into the Holy of Holies, and therefore limited in the region. Are appropriate both in agriculture and as a source of trade than in other sectors, including the North and other areas nearby, it is the people, but are only a small community scattered by various local only.

Since the reign of Ayudhya Trailokkanat down. We have become the Kingdom of Siam is truly important to show that in the reign of Ayudhya Trailokkanat. Siam is truly There is evidence both chronicles and old law, as well as inscriptions and written Others point out that the administrative reform and the administration to centralize authority under the crown as the capital alone.

There is an un-named princes in the royal family, as his son, his grandson to city government, also called the city of Kochi, or Old City since before the regulation to the princes within her are appointed to a position the honor and privilege. Special individual For the sake of ruling the country. Please provide a centrally appointed lords, nobles and princes to rule the city, each city has titled the title conferred and feudal order in a manner consistent with the size and the importance of each city. The city, followed by the town’s grade and third grade with the rank of a prince or ruler Phraya down. These rulers have no authority and the right to rule and the administration fully as before. Will be subject to the control of the subordinate officer in the National Capital Region. Which includes military and civilian. Since the 20th century, the so-called Siamese or city, then called Siam. Refers to the Kingdom of Ayutthaya Ayutthaya period and in a manner that is different from the Raman Chiangmai Lanna people of the country to neighboring Cambodia.

Location of Thailand

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia in the Asian region. In the area called “Indochina” which has the meaning of a peninsula connected. Is in the midst of the land area is the second West Indian. And eastern China The neighborhood is surrounded by neighbors Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and neighbors. In the region is Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines.


Thailand has its own language, especially the spoken and written language, called ‘Thailand “We do not know for sure that the language Thailand originated from any source. But when the stone inscription of King Ramkhamhaeng. He invented the year 1826 onwards, allowing us to know the history and evolution of the Trans Thailand. Since Sukhothai Until the period Thailand has a unique language, a language that has the volume. Directed by the tonal The tone 4 is dont master’s and Commodore directed the letter, which currently has literally spent 44 were divided into consonants 11 characters intermediate 9 and consonant with 24 has an 28’s which are vowels 32 sound effects to bring out. character mixed with a variety of literature, both prose and poetry. The poet has led to the evangelists to the dulcet them. The reason is because of the nature of language itself Thailand.


Bangkok Is the capital of Thailand With an area of ​​1,549 square kilometers wide Is central to the development of various alternatives. Bangkok A province as one called by the governor. Provincial Later merged with Thonburi province. Which is located on the right bank of Chao Phraya River. Opposite to Bangkok Following the publication of the Decree No. 24 dated 21 December 2514 by the same province was named. Metropolitan Bangkok Thonburi Later it was renamed. Bangkok on December 13, 2515 as announced by the National Executive Council No. 335.

Government and administration

Thailand has a democratic government. With the King as Head of State. The Prime Minister is the head of government Thailand has records within the system a long time ago which resulted in Thailand’s solidarity and independence can be maintained to this day. The rule of Thailand have adapted and changed to suit the transitional period. And meet the needs of the country always. How do parents make each one different.

Sukhothai Period (AD 1781-1981).

Rule is paternalism. Parents, the King of kings Thailand prefix in that it uses the word “King”.

Ayutthaya period (AD 1893-2310).

Started when King U Thong Ayutthaya was the capital when he set up around the year 1893 for God U did not call “King” as it is called, but the times of Sukhothai, known as “King พระพุทธเจ้าอยู่หัว” the King is as memorable or. I suppose God is sovereign. ruling

The early Rattanakosin period (AD 2325-2475).

Have adopted a model rule in Sukhothai. Ayutthaya and combinations As the monarch change. Not as memorable or fictional beings, as formerly. The relationship between the monarch and the people are even more closely together. Although ruled by an absolute monarchy. But the democratic nature latent in many forms such as inserted in the rule the King to grant freedom to the people to life. The rule of absolute monarchy ended when a rule change on June 24, 2475 by The Rat This change marked the beginning of a democratic government. The monarchy is hereditary. There are three power centers of government institutions is important. legislature Parliament, which has the power to legislate. Institutions whose Cabinet is the executive power. Judicial and judicial institutions, which provides the legal authority of the judge’s signature.


Thailand is Buddhism as the state religion. The Thailand to religious difference, but there are Buddhists, 90 percent in Thailand to Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Hindus and Sikhs etc. The Constitution of Thailand and other laws for protection of the religious entity. good Do not force the people of Thailand respect any religion is only considered a person shall have the freedom of religion, sect, religion despite various religions have practices and some details are different, but they are essentially the same. we teach everyone to do good. Ignore evil This is to the person’s physical and mental growth that will bring peace to society.

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