5 Great Extinction of Life on This Planet

While many people think that the great extinction on this planet had occurred only once When the dinosaurs disappeared from the world. From the analysis of most sea fossils Made known that tens of millions of years before. There has been 4 mass extinctions that have caused many life on Earth to disappear at the same time. What will be the details?

1. 450-440 million years ago

The period mentioned in the era is called Ordovician era, the era of the creation of coral species, Bryosaur squid, until the Sulurian era that originated in the deep sea. By using chemical energy from volcanoes under the sea as nutrients Causing the fish to have jaws And land animals first Those to the plants that is propagated by spores. The cause of extinction is expected to occur from the formation of giant ice cubes. Causing sea levels to drop And then, when the sea level suddenly increased From the melting of the said ice cubes Resulting in the extinction of living species to 49-60% and accounting for 85% of all marine species. This extinction is considered the second largest event in world history.

2. 375-360 million years ago

In the late Devonian era, North America, Greenland was still integrated with Europe. It was the age of primitive fish, gill fish, carapace, shark, ammonite, and insects for the first time. Seed plants began to propagate until forest formation. The cause of extinction in this period is not clear. But the result of that event resulted in the extinction of all species of organisms up to 19%.

3. 252 million years ago

This is the largest extinction in the history of the world that occurred during the Permian (Permian) is the era in which the coral reefs and biosaurs. The breeding of terrestrial animals and reptiles that look like mammals. The cause of extinction in this era has 3 main assumptions: the meteorite hits the world The underwater volcano erupted causing oxygen to decrease. And finally is Meteorite hits Earth to stimulate volcanic eruption and the result is that over 95% of life on the planet has almost disappeared.

4. 214-199 million years ago

The Triassic era, which is the beginning of a new type of animal that has occurred the principle of extinction Reptiles that resemble mammals Replaced by animals that were dinosaurs The land is not fertile to the growth of plants. Most plants are full of cycads, ferns and when an underwater volcano explodes in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean Releasing enormous amounts of lava Causing global warming in a crisis Resulting in the extinction of animals by about 23%, accounting for as much as 52% of aquatic animals. Land animals do not yet know the exact amount.

5. 65 million years ago

The most famous extinction occurred in the Cretaceous period. This is the era in which new organisms occur, such as snakes, birds, flowering plants and dinosaurs that have evolved into dorsal fins and thick skin for protection. The theory that has been recognized as the cause of this extinction is an asteroid that is several miles wide and hits Earth. Causing the Chisu petite crater At the Yucatan Peninsula area and south of the Gulf of Mexico Causing the extinct life on Earth to be over 70%. As for the future extinction of the 6th, there are many assumptions. Some say that in the near future If humans still use their natural resources without appreciation, one day there may be a big change for the world. Until humans have experienced extinction unlike living things in the past.