Continuously Diligent like a Chain Uninterrupted.

Continuously Diligent like a Chain Uninterrupted. The mind also calmed down everyday.

By Monk Chantha Thawaro

On the 15th, what did you say? So it got tired.
Can I get some rest? Try to eat until full, sleep well, so eat sleep
. When he woke up he disappeared.

That’s it. Oh … wrong. Because we went to bed. We love only others Treat only others
Perseverance, lack of continuity Dharma arose and then not preserved.

Now, be faithful again. Will be dead. Pray for another month, day and night. Don’t sleep
for 2 days. I am 3 days. If I can’t do that then Seeing the penalty for raising others

On the 3rd day of the Dharma, when he walked, it was good, light body, and light body
. That joy arose. Blissful, cheerful, joyful, pleasant heart.

Now, speaking up to the point that the mind is still not calm But said again that
This is the taste of Dharma, the teachings of the Lord Buddha.
Is the power of the mind for those who see disaster in the cycle of pity Will overcome the suffering cycle
Be uninterrupted in the life of the body Food to eat and sleep is body food.

Until the 3rd day, the mind is reduced to the level of Kanika. This is including the
cold phase, the cold body, the mind is bright, the mind is light, the mind is light, the mind is light, cheerful, cheerful
, satisfying. Why is it extinguished? “

Said again that “Raise only others. Love only others. Give food to other people.
Own food I got it and didn’t keep it. “

Dharma that has already occurred is meditation. Dharma happens.
It is food, merit, merit. Mak is the result that can be overcome transcendent suffering.
Because the mind is calm

Don’t just give too much to other people. Lose too much hope
Because other people are Tourism occurs, extinguishing the small worlds, large worlds Is something else
Ranges from taking advantage, taking over, losing, defeating, little worlds, big worlds There is no end to
this matter say that people are really body body Aggregates others.

Other external relatives include relatives, friends, family members,
parents, preserving, smoothing, watching, matting, and so on.

Other elements in the 4th element are earth, water, wind, and fire.
It’s another because it’s old. Another because it hurts Other because it dies repeatedly and never ends
Let others know the eyes of others.

Naga Garuda in Brahma in all three worlds, all face in all three
worlds, the worlds, the worlds, the worlds, the worlds. The end result is loved since others. That’s why it is sluggish and lonely. Change of Travel Never ending Because love since others Maintenance since others are not important.

This is the food to eat and sleep. Is someone else’s food Be aware of other people’s eyes. Don’t give it beyond limits. Therefore feed their own food. That is very good. Their food is to nourish and promote with the development of Dharma.
Meditation Dharma is their food. Who have researched and carried out their actions

This is the object. Glorious This is the taste of merit.
This is merit. First, if it is the result of merit, then the merit is better and more cool.
Nothing is equal like that. With the Lord Buddha as the chairman
The man and woman had drunk the taste of food The excellent Dharma arose in the mind.

  • Anutaro is a great mind Always looking for nothing
  • Locustino is the best of the three worlds. None of that
  • Alogo illuminates the world all day. Like the full moon, in the light of the sky

This is what I do not always like Carlo simulated sq charity fair, good, excellent, genuine Tkngmameahl Tkaฟameahmg
lightning is not tricky. Nothing can be destroyed. The world is shaken.
Nothing is shaken. Ironically, none of this is an important thing.

Therefore hurry to search for food to consume fully.
Do not let this other person pass away into an old state of waste.
Do not let others pass away into a state of hurt and despair.
Do not let others pass away to the hopeless death.

Dead, can’t take anything I can’t do it myself. Can’t do anything
Nothing can defer Do not want to die, will be forced to die
Would not bring all his possessions with him
They would not follow him.
When the mind had left the body Nothing at all

Year 1951 died in Phetchabun since 6 o’clock in the morning died. The mind from the body looks nothing, only old merit and new merit. It is a beautiful costume. Other monks also covered his body. His body was stretched out like a log in the middle of the field. There was nothing to say, nor could it be. The life of the world is animals. Come from the past life only, but we are alone, lonely The friends who follow him are the merit and goodness that has been collected in this world. This life is a treasure that satisfies all human beings. Not lacking Will go to another world Only we are lonely There is only the charity that has been accumulated as a friend. There is no other.

Therefore all of you who desire dharma You must hurry, rest, and rest your food. Don’t let your days and nights pass away. You will lose hope of the perfect life. And got ordained in the religion, the teachings of the Lord Buddha

Seize Virojana, every magma buried in your body and mind From then on, what we desire is that humans, property, nirvana, treasure, any treasure

Siddiphat Sacred Buddha amulet, Sacramatta Buddha amulet, and Amulet Buddha amulet are the property of Buddhism. We who have the diligence to be the owner. Of those treasures without being disappointed As described Is appropriate for time Please end this period only.

Copy of intrigue invocation by Luang Pu Chan Thavaro
love but others
Luang Pu Chan Thavaro
Wat Khao Noi. Wang Sai Phun district. Phichit.

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