Food poisoning is caused by Vibrio

Symptoms: According to the rules, black burns occur. From the shrimp trying to create pigment Inflammation of the liver, pancreas, liver atrophy, decreased dietary intake and possibly death (There is an outbreak, especially when the water is high salinity = 20-30 ppt.) Causes of the disease: from Vibrio spp.

1. Use chemical iodine.
2. Use of drugs in the antibiotic group

1. Control the amount of food to be at an appropriate level.
2. Changes in water quality And control various factors To be in the appropriate criteria

Should always keep the quality of water clean Because if the water quality is not good Shrimp will not molt. And this rust disease will spread very quickly Has a high mortality rate

The basic treatment method is to transfer the water and speed up the shrimp to molt. Then scoop the stain away immediately Accelerate molting by transferring water with water that has a higher Alkalinity value in the cabinet. Or adjust the water to a value in the range that can be stimulated (fresh water 80 – 100 ppm, 150 – 200 ppm saltwater). If this disease continues to occur, use medication. Chioramphenicol 5-7 MG. Mix 1 serving of food to eat continuously until it disappears (should be calculated carefully. Before the measurement) Normally, shrimp that are healthy and have good water quality Will molt 1-2 times a month depending on the type and age of the shrimp as well Which although shrimp is not quite a disease But if it is, then it will be severe and lose very quickly Therefore requires a lot of attention.

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