Understanding Biotin or vitamin H

Biotin or vitamin HIt is a type of vitamin in the B group, but there is still no limit to the amount of vitamins the body needs each day. This vitamin is synthesized by intestinal microflora. The normal serum biotin levels are between 213-404 nanograms / mL. One reason that the body may be deficient in biotin is Eating large amounts of raw egg whites for a long period of time This is because the egg whites contain substances that will destroy biotin. When the body is deficient in this vitamin it will cause skin disease. The skin is gray, tired, anemia and has higher levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Biotin, which is available for sale, is usually mixed with other vitamins. In the form of mixed vitamins For the purpose of preventing vitamin deficiency, especially when the body is in a state of That needs more quantity For the benefit of treatment Mostly, it is used to treat skin diseases of the sebaceous glands too Which usually occurs in children and infants with a dose of 5-10 mg / day given by injection to improve symptoms

Biotin-rich foods include liver, pork, kidney, beef, fish, white meat, fish oil, brown rice, corn, wheat bran, eggs, milk, butter, yoghurt, various vegetables, especially cauliflower, cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, etc. As for the hair loss problem The benefit of biotin is that biotin is a substance that is necessary for the metabolism. Or energy metabolism from both carbohydrates (starch, sugar) and protein. Each day, our body needs only a small amount of biotin. But if lacking, the process of using various energy in the body is abnormal And found that people who lack biotin is a problem with premature gray hair, hair loss, baldness, dry skin, inflammation easily, brittle nails, sometimes with nausea, vomiting, dizziness, may also have depression.

Our bodies need very little biotin per day. Only 100-150 micrograms (Micrograms is 1 in a million of 1 gram). The RDA in Thailand determines that we should receive 150 micrograms per day, which It seems that the opportunity to get biotin from eating enough food is unlikely to be lacking and some can also synthesize the bacteria from the intestinal bacteria. But from the survey of food that people eat, biotin is found in very small amounts of food such as

  • In the liver, one tick, or 100 grams, contains 100 micrograms of biotin.
  • In 100 grams of soybeans, only 60-70 micrograms of biotin
  • 100 grams of cereal contains only less than 30 micrograms of biotin.
  • Fruits and meat have very little biotin. In a 100 gram fruit or steak there is only 0.6-2.3 biotin. Microgram only Probably have to eat a lot of these foods to get enough biotin for Need each day

Long-term antibiotics and elderly people Found that causes the synthesis of biotin in the intestine is reduced.

Therefore, it is possible that some people may be without biotin without knowing it. And causing brittle nails to easily tear Premature gray hair Or hair is not strong Fall prematurely And this is the main source of the introduction of vitamin biotin supplements to be eaten for Helps strengthen the hair roots Prevents or stops premature hair loss or gray hair. As well as helping with new hair that is stronger than before In addition, biotin also helps to strengthen nails in people with brittle nails. Nails are easily broken Abroad, it is recommended to consume between 600-2,400 micrograms or just 0.6-2.4 milligrams. And eat continuously for a long time without being harmful Because biotin belongs to the group of B vitamins, which are water-soluble vitamins. If eating too much

The body will excrete itself. With no excess accumulation in the body. Important research has found that children with Skin rash problem Or hair loss from this lack of biotin minerals

When receiving biotin injections of 5-10 milligrams per day or 5,000-10,000 micro grams per day for a continuous period of months, then there is no danger. Even being a little baby Therefore, a large person who consumes 2.4 milligrams of biotin per day is unlikely to be harmful.

In summary, biotin is a vitamin or dietary supplement that has a role in enhancing healthy hair and nails. Helps to relieve hair loss. Helps prevent gray hair quickly And helping women with thin hair or bald men have a new hope in ponies. Nourish the hair for longer life However, if the hair falls out until baldness is greasy and then taking only biotin, then the results may not be seen, probably having to take other medications. Or may need to perform hair transplantation surgery to help resolve this problem Suggestions in terms of prices. Suggestions. Ask the store to sell the said product directly.

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