Japan Lucky Bag – Win good Things during the New Year

Win good things during the New Year in Japan. Anyone who stay in Japan during the New Year or oshogatsu (お 正月) should have seen people standing in long lines in front of the mall waiting to buy fukubukuros (福袋) or lucky bags. Fortunately, the Japanese themselves are enthusiastic. Have you ever wondered what fukubukuros are and why stores are popular for selling at this time? Get to know fukubukuros from famous brands during the upcoming New Year holidays in Japan!

What is fukubukuros or a lucky bag?

Lucky bags (Fukubukuros) are usually on sale during the Japanese New Year holidays or on the first working day of the new year Most of them are department stores and retail stores. Items in each bag will not be revealed to customers before purchasing. And the value of the product inside is also higher than the sale price! The buyer has the right to receive their favorite items at an unbelievably cheap price and is considered to welcome good luck in the new year. The shop will promote lucky bags in advance and some places can also pre-order so that customers don’t have to wait outside the store in the cold weather. This lucky bag will be on sale throughout the new year, such as the Rakuten website (Japanese only). Sometimes it will be on sale as a New Year gift or “otoshidamabukuro (お 年 玉 袋)”.

However, consumers are still worried that some stores might not put the unsold items in the bag. Good luck in order to reduce the out-of-date products. This type of bag is called “utsubukuro (欝 袋), or a very depressed bag”, while some stores put the name of the bag as fukitsubukuro “(不 吉 袋)” undesirable “is an acknowledgment that the products there are not new products and the products that the shop wants to throw away

In general, lucky bags Most of the fukubukuros are sealed and packed in a solid bag so that the inside cannot be seen. But for expensive products such as jewelry There will be a product show to customers. For products that are big or cannot be put on bags such as furniture, electrical appliances, cars, classes, travel packages Although it didn’t come in the bag, it was sold and used as the name “Fukubukuros” as well

In the past, queuing to buy bags for good luck proved the courage and endurance of the cold weather. But nowadays, in order to facilitate the customers Prevent congestion and queue causing annoyance to others Also have to hire staff to look after more The seller therefore solved the problem by opening pre-order lucky bags online. Or via mobile applications

Many famous brands like Apple have been discontinuing the distribution of lucky bags since 2016 due to disputes regarding the sale of lucky bags in 2015 that have received overwhelming attention from customers. But there are still many brands that are sold both in-store and online Or sold in stores only, so if anyone wants to hunt for bags, luckily in Japan, it may require a little planning in advance Start checking the websites of the desired brands around the end of October. Which the booking period is between November and mid-December.

Starbucks Coffee’s Fukubukuro (Lucky Bag) 2020 – If you’re a Starbucks fan, don’t miss out! The lucky bag from Starbucks (Japanese only) for 7,000 yen (tax included) starts on January 1-3, 2020, but don’t forget to check out the various branches of sales. Check the participating branches here and on 1 January you will have to travel to the store to receive a coupon to buy lucky bags that limit the purchase of 1 person per 1 bag and coupon can only be used on the day of receiving coupons and stores. That accept coupons only.

L’Occitane is one of the few brands that still allows you to buy lucky bags online at this time of year. Although some product sets may be sold out But you can also look at the brand’s website to see what products are still available for purchase. Happy Bag 2020 (Japanese only) There are various products such as hair care products, creams, and skincare products for 11,340 yen (tax included).

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