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Modern Family S11 Episode 8

Episode 8: Matching Marriage and Comforting Manny

Dylan’s mother, Farah, came to visit her twin grandsons and had been here for several days, but she didn’t mean to leave. Farah was chattering all day long, knocking the gong to please God, and knocking the drum to drive away ghosts, which disturbed Claire. What’s more terrible is that the old mother Didi’s husband Jerry always called, and talked about Didi, who had been dead for a long time, crying and nagging.

Her husband, Phil, is not doing his job properly, thinking about practicing his matchmaking magic all day long. When Jerry called again, Claire threw the phone to Phil. On this day, Jerry, who suddenly heard that he was going to Mexico, wanted to stop by. When Phil was scratching his ears and trying to refuse, Claire hurriedly signaled Phil to agree. Claire thought of a way to kill two birds with one stone.

Both Farah and Jerry were a little nervous, believing in the so-called metaphysics of heaven and earth. As soon as the two met, they met, and they met each other very late. Claire was secretly proud of the plan. Pour two glasses of white wine for the two of them, and invite them to the backyard lawn to talk freely.

It was too late for Claire to react. Didi’s ashes were buried under the avocado tree in the backyard. Jerry seemed to have done something wrong, apologizing to the tree, and vowed to accompany Didi forever. It was good now, Farah didn’t go, and Jerry wanted to stay again. Both said that they could feel the anger emanating from the avocado tree. Although Claire knew it was nonsense, she still stood in front of the tree and interceded for her father.

The avocado tree suddenly became empathetic, shaking its leaves to agree to Jerry and Farah dating, and also agreed to go to Mexico together. Jerry and Farah happily went to pack their luggage. When Claire was feeling strange, Phil waved his hand, and the thin thread in his hand shook the tree branch. The little magic that Phil was so proud of finally came in handy.

Manny has not yet emerged from the psychological trauma of breaking up with Shirley. As a mother, Gloria blames Jie for not caring about others, but she tries to help Manny share his worries. Gloria’s method is simple and rude, holding a hockey stick, asking Luke to watch Shirley’s improvisation in the theater, and then tell Shirley about Manny’s true feelings.

After being accused by his wife, Jie also thought of a way. When I was washing the car, I saw a car washing girl who looked good, so she brought it home. How could Gloria agree that her son should associate with this kind of little sister, but her own methods did not turn out very well. Luke blushed and knocked on the door, confessing that he and Shirley fell in love at first sight and begging Manny’s forgiveness. Manny was so angry that he wanted to smash Luke into pieces, but he could only throw a few oranges at Luke to relieve his anger.

Gloria can’t help it, it seems that the difficulties are still on her own, and her parents cannot help.

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