Okinawa 1 Day Itinerary

Okinawa is a Japanese island in the East China Sea side. The island consisting of over 12 small islands and the capital city is Naha. Okinawa is located midway between Kyushu Island and Taiwan Island. In the past, it was the center of the Ryukyu kingdom but later was annexed by Japan. It is currently a resort town and source of martial arts like karate. The island have beautiful white sand beaches and coral are still complete. This place also make a dream vacation for Japanese people and foreigner.

Place to visit in Okinawa Island in Japan for one day are following as:

  1. T Galleria Okinawa by use Yui Rail (Okinawa Urban Monorail)
  2. Shuri castle
  3. Makishi Fish Market
  4. Kokusai Dori – Heiwa Dori – Tsuboya-yachimun dori

Visit T Galleria Okinawa is place that you can buy more than 130 brand names which is the only duty free shop in Japan. At the galleria, there are ample parking spaces for parking or easily accessible by Yui Rail Monorail. This is is close to Omoromachi Station. Also in galleria have duty free items for purchased, too. There is a shuttle service to pick up at the airport before boarding in return. You do not have to wait at the store. You do not have to worry that baggage will increase during travel.

Shuri Castle was registered as a World Heritage Site year 2000. This is a famous tourist destination of Okinawa Prefecture. The architecture of the history of the story of the prosperity of the Ruins. It is said that Shuri castle has a size of up to 5 hectares ever which is open to the general is only partial.

Makishi Fish Market in Naha town.  There are many kinds of food to choose from such as fresh fish, meat dishes and dried food. Also can see more grandmother’s sales fresh fish.

Kokusai Dori – Heiwa Dori – Tsuboya – Yachimun Dori: Kokusai Dori is a route that starts with Mitsukoshi mae Okinawa. The shopping area at Heiwa Dori is a collection of fine arts and crafts from Okinawa. Teens shopping street. Tsuboya-yachimun Dori is the source of pottery from all areas of the Ryukyu Kingdom. There will be new and old pottery shops that are adorned and laid out. You can enjoy the cozy atmosphere with the recognition of history. Also, Kokusai Dori Street are more about souvenirs shop and many restaurants.

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