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Gong Story

Gong is a percussion instrument made of metal with many forms. The word gong is derived from the Javanese language. The use of gongs in many countries in Asia such as China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. Gong is also involved in Western music as well. Gong is a Thai musical instrument, percussion instruments. There are many sizes and types. Some species are just a beater for signal, such as gongkhong to strike signal in the guards, gongchai to signal in ancient army etc. Some locals call tackles.

Nowadays, gong is used in conjunction with various rituals. By buying to the temple Because it is believed that Making it famous. Currently, the production of gongs in Thailand At Ban Sai Mun, Sai Mun Subdistrict, Phibun Mangsahan District Ubon Ratchathani There are many sizes. Classified as OTOP products from the sub-district, with gongs to be divided according to beliefs. In an orchestra, a gong, sometimes called a tam-tam (derived from Chinese), is a flat gong. No sound level There are many sizes. The gong can give both mysterious soft sound. And the sound that is loud Depends on the method of beating The best strike position is at the area slightly away from the center. The gongs for gongs are soft-headed wood.

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