Pitching the Line Game Story

Toy Line is a fun game for many provinces in the past, around the years 1967-1987, where the children stand behind one line. And toy storylines Go out to draw another line or whoever is closest to the winning line Semi-linear pitching is a bet because there is a loser – winning. Have a win-lose bet (Also known as “eating”) like playing a coin or Pitch and Toss of foreign countries in Thailand that is unclear And the details are slightly different In each area. Plastic storylines or rubber storylines, cement road surfaces Which has seam lines between the blocks about 3-5 meters or draw 2 lines using charcoal (charcoal – black wood firewood That used to make fires in brazier at that time).

Selectively Who has to pitch first? Because the person who pitches later Will be able to find a better escape route than the popular methods of selection, such as O-NO and blow-shot or empty-handed without losing, winning, betting But pitching to see who’s near-far line. Those far away lines must start pitching first.

How to play:

  • starting from standing One foot Catch each other first, do not cross the line, use centrifugal force from the forearm Point and then story lines in the hand out By shifting to the second (overlapping) line, when everyone is tossed out Then compare it with who? Or the nearest line Called as a winner

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