Wat Chan Pine Forest in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ban Wat Chan Pine Forest Galyani Wattana district by the forest industry. When he visited our representatives. Ban Wat Chan and nearby villages on February 18, 2522 and found that people’s poverty. No routes Connect with district Disadvantaged in education and health care. There is not enough rice for consumption throughout the year. The village is in an environment which is rich in natural resources. The forest is still intact. He has the instruction to MJ Det Fri nighttime the Director of Training. Help people find their way Ban Monday At that time there were 15 villages and a population of mostly Karen. By taking into account the conservation of the environment as well. The Director of Training His remarks have led Consultation with relevant agencies and the establishment of Ban Wat Chan Royal Project Management Committee or FIO FIO. Is one of the Royal Commission set. Ban Wat Chan Pine Forest Located at Ban Mae Chan district, this land Karen Smooth the edge schema (the upper Mae) has relied upon subsistence for hundreds of years. They help maintain this forest land as well as a family that has three carriers.

According to tradition, when a child is born, Karen will bring your child’s umbilical cord to tie to a tree determines that the tree of the family who is not cut. Pine on here is their two pine and pine-trees, to be more specific in the 1,000 meters high above sea level. Resin applied to many benefits, such as the use of the instruments as an aid to friction or to extract the oil that is mixed with oil paint to dry quicker. But in order to maintain the balance of the forest here, thus making no turpentine. The villagers have been encouraged by the royal project which is based broiler chickens bred several hundred baht per kg. Do come here to experience life from spinning bike is very good because the weather is cool all year round. Scenery is beautiful pine forest Or, to put the dinghy paddle in the lake here.

In addition, non-polluting activities, we also address the nature closely. Home contact FIO (Aap.) Ban Wat Chan Tel. 0 5324 9394.

There are many travel routes to choose from, but not to be used somehow to use four wheel drive only. If you come in winter Would find the leaves change color in the wild side. Most convenient route is 1095 Highway Mae Malai – Pai. Can be accessed in two ways, both of which turn left into the gravel, about 40 kilometers:

1) Follow the signs to the highway about 80 kilometers from Mae Malai OR 2) entrance of the pagoda. Next to the pagoda about 500 meters, turn left at the junction into the path curve small Chomcheng – Town & ndash ore tailings pond at a total distance of about 165 kilometers. The other path is to call Chiang – Wat – Ban Bo Kaeo – Ban Dong thirty. The gravel a distance of 80 miles total distance of about 155 kilometers, two more difficult than the first two. Mae Chaem – Ban Wat Chan and Mae Hong Son town – home to the moon. The latter is pretty much a bus or a minibus yellow. Bus at Ban Wat Chan the galaxy. Chiang Mai is leaving every day at 09.00 and 11.00 pm The fare 120 baht and takes about 4 hours to run the Chiang.

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