Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and located in the Kanto region with a combined population over 12 million people. This is number of tourists wanting to travel in the center of Japan. Tokyo is known as a metropolis that combines a variety of unique cultures. The land that combines leading-edge fashion and modern technology but not abandoning in the tranquil shady places of nature. Tokyo is a completely different city with full of many attractions for all ages and can travel in every season. Because there is so much to see and do in this city. Therefore if you would like to take everyone to dabble in every corner of Tokyo with in-depth stories about tourism in this city. This is good place as well.

Many interesting area that can visits during you stay in Tokyo such as:

  1. Akihabara
  2. Asakusa
  3. Daikanyama
  4. Ebisu
  5. Ginza
  6. Harajuku
  7. Ikebukuro
  8. Jiyugaoka
  9. Kichijoji
  10. Koenji
  11. Marunouchi
  12. Nakameguro
  13. Odaiba
  14. Omotesando & Aoyama
  15. Roppongi
  16. Shibuya
  17. Shimokitazawa
  18. Shinjuku
  19. Tokyo Disney
  20. Tsukiji
  21. Ueno

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