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Every world is falling apart

Every world is falling apart
Other names: 每个世界都在崩
Author: Walnut Fruit
Genre: Novel
Release: 2019
Status: 257


Next to the file [“Bai Yueguang is killed by the scumbag [Quick Pass]” I heard that you are a scumbag, but I am a scumbag] Please support
Chu Jingran, the new actor, the most common label before being stabbed: evildoer, beauty, Yinsu, long legs, national husband and male god, the only label after being stabbed: snake disease
It’s just such a snake’s disease that doesn’t take medicine on time, but it’s bound to the Jinjiang system, and has since embarked on the road of (with) Zheng (lord) saving (jiao) world (writing) world (right)
System: Host, your first world mission…
The protagonist is dead
System: Host, your second world…
The protagonist is darkened
System: Host…Host…
The protagonist is blackened and the host is dead
System: QAQ Guiqiu take medicine…


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