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Uncle, let’s prove it

Uncle, let’s prove it
Other names: 叔,我们扯证吧
Author: Pao Qin
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: 2019
Status: 435


“Uncle, let’s tell the testimony” all said that the old cow likes to gnaw tender grass. Is it swollen when you encounter an uncle who doesn’t like gnawing tender grass?
“Uncle, have a relationship.”
“I don’t like small ones.”
“Uncle, get a certificate.”


Chapter 1 You will be yours from now on
Chapter 2 I’m Going After You
Chapter 3 I’ll be there in a while, don’t run around
Chapter 4 I’m Not Making Trouble, Don’t Leave
Chapter 5 Mischief
Chapter 6 You Help Me Wear It
Chapter 7 Is there anyone in your house?
Chapter 8 Whatever you choose, whatever I want
Chapter 9 Demolished
Chapter 10 Are You Missing Me?
Chapter 11 Don’t mess around
Chapter 12 The Fiancee
Chapter 13 Waiting for the Great Grandson
Chapter 14 I’m Drinking For Uncle
Chapter 15 But, I Like You
Chapter 16 Let You Cry and Begging Me
Chapter 17 Good girl, go to sleep
Chapter 18 Future daughter-in-law
Chapter 19 Birthday Present, I Want You
Chapter 20 You Are Not Bent, Are You?
Chapter 21 Let Him Get Married
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