Delve into the problem of freckles and dark spots

Black spots, freckles problems
Unsurpassed skin problems such as freckles and black spots can occur to people of all ages. Which can occur for many reasons, such as the use of certain drugs, hormones, genetic materials, some substances in cosmetics. But the most important cause of the skin being exposed to UV rays on a regular basis.

Skin exposure to UV radiation for too long results in UV damage to Collagen, Elastin and fibers. That bind the surface structure Skin weakening causes UV Aging, also known as photo aging, as ” premature aging. ” In addition, UV radiation causes the body to produce more free radicals than normal and UV also causes the body to produce melanin pigment in the skin too. Which is the main reason that causes melasmas, freckles

What do black spots, freckles look like?
Dark spots. Dark spots are caused by the body producing too much melanin pigment in the skin. Especially in areas that are frequently exposed to sunlight such as the face, hands and arms. If the skin is exposed to UV rays for a long time, the body will produce large amounts of pigment or melanin in certain areas of the skin. Causing the skin in that area Resulting in dark spots of different sizes and shapes.

Ceiling panels are 2 types of ” fog shallow ” and ” skin deep ” for ” Frosted Shallow ” is caused by the distribution of the pigment melanin in the epidermis spots, brown with clear boundaries the ” skin deep ” caused. The melanin pigment spreading deep into the dermis Causing a dark color blot without obvious boundaries The sun is the main stimulant for the production of melanin pigment in the skin. Therefore, when exposed to the sun for too long The skin then becomes dark as the body produces more melanin than usual.

Freckles freckles are 4 types of ” mine is shallow ,” ” The Gift ,” ” light sun ” and ” made flesh “.

  • Shallow freckles are caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Will be a small brown spot Distributed throughout the body Can fade away If avoiding being exposed to sunlight Often found in white people And possibly from a young age Can be cured
  • Recalling the small brown-brown spots deep beneath the skin, visible more shallow than the freckles. Often found in Asian people aged 20 years or more. Occurred due to the melanin production cells in the wrong place. Is to stay in the dermis instead of the epidermis (epidermis), which can be cured But will require a relatively long period of treatment Which if healed, will not return again
  • The sun is a brown circle. Spread over the face or the area outside the shade cloth. The main reason that causes this type of freckles is the sun, which will darken the freckles. When exposed to sunlight And as we get older Usually found in adults and people who are in the sun for a long time.
  • Freckled meat is a lump, convex texture into a small blister. Available in brown or black Spread throughout the body Which this kind of freckle Genetic causes are found in people aged 30-40 years, even after treatment, but can return again.

However, there are currently many technologies that can treat freckles, dark spots and find a way to prevent With the following methods?

  1. Avoid the sun, such as applying sunscreen regularly, wear a hat, wear long-sleeved clothes, open an umbrella.
  2. Use a nourishing cream (blemish treatment cream) to lighten the blemish and make the face look brighter. Only requires a relatively long treatment period
  3. Treatment of melasmas, freckles and dark spots by laser will use the light to project to the skin to produce heat. And that heat will destroy the protein of the skin pigment or melanin Makes the skin look brighter, but laser treatment can not be cured Over time, the opportunity will return to its original dark color.
  4. Take care of yourself from the inside By choosing foods that help fight free radicals Like grape seed extract (Grape Seed Extract), also known as Pro Anthocyanidins (Proanthocyanidins), a powerful antioxidant and known as Super Antioxidant, can help reduce freckles, dark spots caused by sunlight. According to the research in 12 women with melasma problems, take grape seed extract which is rich in proanthocyanidins. Found that grape seed extract (Grape Seed Extract) is safe and reduces the occurrence of melasma, dark spots, black spots to spread. If eaten continuously for a period of 6 months or more, if wanting to take proanthocyanidin extract (Proanthocyanidins) can choose to eat food or dietary supplements that contain grape seed extract (Grape Seed Extract) as a dietary supplement BE.U

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