10 Things to do in Wakayama City, Japan

10 Attractions in Wakayama City of Japan near Osaka that do not miss! Wakayama province is the city that near Osaka city. It is known as a pilgrimage route and has been registered as a World Heritage Site. The city is adjacent to the sea. It is rich in culture, food, abundance of nature, sea and fruits. The attractions that you can visit the city must not miss but when you arrive in the city must choose direction that relate or same line because they don’t have train around the city and you can use bus or taxi for transportation in some place. This is some lists that you might interest to visit such as:

  1. Wakayama Electric Railway: Mew Line or Cat Line Train
  2. Shirasaki Kaigan: Limestone Beach
  3. Kumano Kodo : Pilgrimage
  4. Dorokyo Waterjet: Nature Cruise
  5. SAKI-NO-YU/Shirahama Onsen: Onsen by the sea
  6. Kawayu Onsen: Onsen River
  7. Wakayama shiro: Edo Era
  8. Kuroshio ichiba: Fresh seafood market
  9. Log rafting in dorokyo gorge ikada kudari: Traditional log cabins
  10. Koyasan : World Heritage Site Touch the Dharma Peace in mind

1. Wakayama Electric Railway: Mew Line or Cat Line Train

Wakayama Electric Railway at Kishigawa Line Cat Station – Tama Densha Train have three color cat and train of Chao Tama is train has been rebuilt in named of cat “Tama” who had worked as a station officer at Kishi Station. At present, he has handed over duties to the new cat name “Nima”. This train runs between Wakayama Station and ends at Kishi Station. There decorate the cat face on outside and inside train. They paint picture and put accessories that cat use on the train. They have the Tama Museum, cafe, pictures and souvenirs on the train,too. In addition, there is a special train call “Ichiko-den train” on strawberry train and “Omocha-den train” which is toy train as well.

From Wakayama Station take the Wakayama Electric Railway train. At Tama-den procession goes to Kishi Sta and stroll in the station.

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