Punakha Tshechu Mask Festival in Bhutan

Punakha Tshechu Mask Festival at Pune, Pune in spring. Performances in the festival of Puja Sezu is addition to showing of doctrine. The festival’s masked dances are performed by monks clad in colorful brocade attire and permeated by chants and reading of Buddhist scripts. There is also a historical story that when the subduction of the Wang Namgang defeated the Tibetan enemy forces to force Bhutan to relinquish the Buddha’s relics kept in Pune. To commemorate his heroic sacrifice and sacrifice the goddess, the fireworks are celebrated as pompous. If you are interested in traveling to Bhutan during the festival, go for a mask dance festival.

The people of Bhutan call this religious performance that Cham who has both monks and laymen. The costumes in the show are all colorful and decorated beautifully. There are many shows, many sets and some shows actors wear a mask in the shape of a god’s face, various animal shapes and some pictures of the yearly phantoms. Dresses are worn in most performances are made from fresh yellow silk. Some dresses are fabric that is inserted with silver lines, gold lines. The performers often wear jewelry made with animal bones. There are many famous shows, such as

  1. Dance of Black Hats (Shanag) – performing the black hat of the Buddha As the act of eliminating evil and the influence of the devil.
  2. Dance of the Drummers from Drametse – 12 actors wearing yellow Put on a mask as an animal. Beat the drum while dancing Is the most famous series of shows.
  3. Dance of Fearsome Deitetis (Tungam) who is dressed as a god wearing dress that is cut from woven fabric, implying a very beautiful gold tinsel with collection of gods.
  4. Dance of the Dead is an interesting series of shows. In terms of showing power and influence according to the teachings of religion, such as doing good, doing good, doing evil, etc.

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