Snow Demon in Mount Zao, Japan

Snow Monster (Snow Demon) located on Mount Zao. One of Yamagata’s most beautiful mountains Is the miracle of the wind from Siberia that carries snow to cover the pine trees Sticking to ice crystals form like demons in white, thus being referred to as “SNOW MONSTER” or Japanese people called “Ju Hee”

For watching the Snow Monster have to ride a basket and gondola up to the top of Mount Zao. On the way you will experience a lot of snow-covered scenery. Which will be the most beautiful in mid-February. In addition, the top of the mountain has many fun activities, whether it is skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and in the evening can also admire the beautiful views of the snow demon. That will be decorated with bright lights Like standing in the midst of a colorful demon army.

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