Trip to Izumisano city, Osaka near Kansai International Airport, Japan

Did you know that when you visit Osaka and around Kansai International Airport have shopping mall near by. They have both sightseeing and shopping mall. Mostly tourists visit Rinku town for outlet shopping with brand name, supermarket, sport goods and gifts for family and friends.

You can take Nankai train from Kansai Airport for less than 10 minutes to the city. This line ends at Namba station.

1. Rinku Premium Outlets

There are more than 30 outlet stores in this mall and Rinku town across the water from ansai International Airport. Location of the outlet is 3-28 Rinkuoraiminami, Izumisano, Osaka. Outlet mall open from 10.00 am – 8.00 pm. Mostly this mall open everyday.

The outlet mall serve from both train and bus from airport. Also car and taxi are available but cost more price. You can take Nankai train from Kansai Airport for less than 10 minutes to Rinku town station.

2. Aeon Mall Rinku Sennan Shopping mall in Sennan, Japan near Osaka Kansai Airport

There are many brand shop name in the mall such as VILLAGE VANGUARD, World Wedding, Wamonoya Kaya, WAKUWAKU HIROBA, LOWRYS FARM, Roast beef Hoshi, RODEO CROWNS WIDE BOWL, LEPSIM, LUCA, RECYCLE KING, Regetta Canoe, Riat!, Ramen Kairikiya, RANDA, Lingè Noël, Lovetoxic, Love Sweets ANTIQUE, LAKOLE, Right―on, Yumeya, UNIQLO, Yasuragi Dental Clinic, Mori Mori Sushi, MURASAKI SPORTS, MUJI, Mirai-ya Bookstore, MUSIC SHOP BIG, Mister Donut, Marche Creme, Madagascar, Magic Machine, McDonald’s, PeTeMo beauty salon, PeTeMo, Pet Plus, BABY DOLL, petit main, Petite Maison, Breath Garden and much more.

Aeon mall Rinku Sennan Shopping mall located at 3−12 Rinkuminamihama, Sennan, Osaka Prefecture 590-0535, Japan. The mall was establishes from November 12, 2004. The mall open from 10.00 am – 10.00 pm every Monday to Sunday. It is situated in a great location near the shore and there are places including Rinku premium outlet and Kansai International Airport.

3. Jozenji Temple

Jozenji Temple located at 10-5 Sakaemachi, Izumisano 598-0054, Osaka Prefecture. There’s have history around late 17th-century and they have bell and fascinating cemetery in the temple. The temple is not big but still have history from old era.

4. Kasuga Shrine in Izumisano, Japan

Kasuga Shrine (Izumisano-shi) is Buddhist temple located at 〒598-0058 4-12, Kasugacho, Izumisano-shi, Osaka. It is about ten minutes walk from Nankai “Izumisano Station”.  History of Kasuga Shrine was during Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s attack time. This became a village in year 1895 around the Edo-era.

5. Izumisano Fish Market

Izumisano Fish Market is seaside market that can buy and get something to eat especially fresh seafood just picking up nets such as Shako and Watarigani crabs, along with one-eyed fish, sea snakes, other squid, and seasonal. On the second floor, there are seafood restaurants and barbecues. Fish can also be purchased in here along with BBQ Seafood nd Seafood Rice. Other than fish, tempura also has local fruits and vegetables for sell,too.

Izumisano Fish Market open 6 days from 10:00 am – 18:00 pm and Sunday from 8:00 am – 18:00 pm. Only on Wednesday that market will close. You can take a taxi from Nankai Izumisano Sta. Station or Rinku Town Sta Station. On the Nankai Line, or JR Line.

There are four ways to get to the mall by train, public bus, own car and taxi. By use this direction and you can get through the mall. Get there by:

  • By train: 10-minute walk from Tarui Station on the Nankai Railway Main Line
  • By bus: Nankai Wing Bus shuttle services are available from Rinku Town daily.
    – Nankai Wing Bus shuttle services are available from Nankai Ozaki, and JR Izumi-Sunagawa Stations on Saturday and Sunday.
  • By car: Roughly 5km west of the Sennan Interchange on the Hanwa Expressway
    Roughly 5km south of the Izumisano-Minami Interchange on the Hanshin Expressway Bayshore Route Rinku Odori Southern Beach-mae.

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