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Vaishali or Vesali (ancient city) was a city in present-day Bihar, India, and is now an archaeological site. It is a part of the Tirhut Division.  It is important as the capital of Lychee. Where are the wachs? This city is a thriving city in the modern era. It is the strongest city of Buddhism in those days. The Buddha visited this city in the 5th year after Enlightenment. In the aftermath of invocation from the ruler of the region and in the post-Ayutthaya period. This city has become part of Bihar. By the introduction of God, the enemy, the king of the city, and after the collapse of the royal family in the city. The king later moved the capital of Bihar to the city of Wali. Make this city prosper. And especially, this city has been the place to do the recitation of Buddhism. Prior to decay and abandoned. When the capital of Bihar was relocated to the city of Patil, son or city of Pattana, the capital of modern Bihar.

Vaishali has been important since before the epoch. It is the capital of a prosperous region, one of the 16 regions of the Indian subcontinent. It is governed by a system of fellowship or oligarchy. That can be called a democratic one. There are no monarchs. But the head of state, which is managed by the approval of the parliament. It consists of members from different families, including the regional rulers. In the Buddhist scriptures say that the family has 8 families, and among them, the Lychee family of Wassalai and the Wittha family of Mlila is the most influential family in the modern era.

In the modern era The Buddha had come to Vaishali many times. Each time will be at the Sala Wat Pa Mahawan restaurant. Many sutras are made in this city. And at the Sala, this is the place where the Buddha allowed the Queen Maha Chakra The Lord of the Buddha. With the satellite Can be ordained as a nun for the first time in the world. And in the last of the Buddha. He received the mango orchard of Ampali. Mrs. Wali She dedicated a monastery in Buddhism. The last Buddhist monk at Wulukham and his wife, Pavel Pedi And after the death of Buddhism, 100 years have been made the second time in the Vallali Ram, which are all in the city of Wali.

In short, after Buddha’s extinction Buddhist The city of West Bengal has fallen into power in Bihar. By the God of the enemy. King of the Rattanakosin The Buddha said. The cause of the loss of the city of Bihar because of the unity of the Wachee. Because of the instigation of Wassam Brahmin. Brahman is the enemy of God. When God’s enemy forces his army to seize the city, it can easily be seized. Because there is no warrior. Because of each other Wachisha collapsed, and the city of Wessali lost its status as regional capital and fell into power in Bihar. But since the move of the Bihar capital several times in the 70s, from the Pasha and the people united to remove the king Naga Tasik of the royal family of the king of the throne of the throne. He was born in Lahuvale, Vaishali, in the old Wachee district. The king is a new royal family. So Sutak moved the capital of Bihar to its former city, Vessali. Make Vessels important as a capital again. But it is not the capital. The king later was Kala Sukrath. The son of Lord Sutan Moved to the capital of Bihar. From Vaishali to Padilla Vessels were reduced and abandoned. This is the reason why the city was completely abandoned in the next thousand years.

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