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Vaishali (white, wheat, prime wheat) is a city of God makes Sal (Lima e hue)

Vaishali region believe nuns in modern times, the era is the region where the political regime. There are 7,777 kings together to rule the King. His style of government is Fellowship Power is not absolute in a certain person. Speaking of the world’s oldest democratic regime, think of the West, the Greek Athen and the East, the Vesali.

The Lord Buddha came to remember the 5th Lent in Vesali. If you want to see what an angel looks like Have to see the king of Li Chawe dress On one occasion, King Li จshawi sat on the royal carriage in the direction of the royal palace. The Lord Buddha pointed to the monks to see that “All monks If you want to know that How are angels in the heavenly heaven? Look at these Majlis King. “Show that Li Chao Chewi are all dressed in luxury. With magnificent vehicles Like gods Angels on earth or

Paisali is on the north bank of the Ganges. Away from Patna city about 56 kilometers with the Ganges River blocking the natural border Between Bihar and Vashchi, in the north, is adjacent to the foothills of Nepal. In the east, near the edge of the forest to the Kosi River. And the Maha Nantha River Is a city that was governed by the first republic system over 2,000 years. There is enough evidence to confirm that this is Phaisali or Vesali Because there are deep stone pillars of Ashoka the Great

The history of Vesali
The Empress Dowager Varanasi set up a wife And gave birth to a red ball She was afraid to damage the honor of the King. And the penalty may fall to her Put the meat cubes in the tray Cover with another tray. Stamped with the royal court to float on the Ganga River

One morning Hermit took a bath at the Ganga Saw the tray that floated So bring the tray to keep Some teachers have resolved that Because the skin of both children are close to each other And the flesh was broken into two pieces, female and male.

Babies have beautiful skin The skin of children is not covered. Therefore was named Li Chawi, meaning no skin He takes good care of the child every day. Dabas goes to receive alms. Later, the Mr. Cowboy family Cattleman Continuing to learn Dabos that Raising children is a monk’s concern. Please give the children to us. You must do the work of the monk.
The cowboys raised their children until they grew up. One day, the two children played with the children of other cowboys. Have a fight and a fight The cowboy’s children cried, unable to fight. Therefore sued his parents That the child has no father, no mother to punch Causing the cow to abstain from raising Pali care.

The word abstained in Pali is called “Worach”. From that time onwards, this land was called Vashchee. Cowboy asked the area from the King to build the capital The 16-year-old male marriage is the king, while the female royal wedding is the queen.

The rules created are Don’t raise male and female in this city. To other cities Male City of other cities Cannot marry a man in this city When the kings, queens are together, have a child, a scorching lid, a female 1, a male 1, 2 people each time, born 16 times, a total of 32 people, to keep up with the growth of children. Make some addresses Make a garden Built a 3-layer wall surrounding the city because of this rapidly expanding Vast Therefore known as Phaisalee or Vesali, the

beautiful woman in the city and the rights of the Watchhee people
The punishment for extramarital affairs is very strong. Meaning that the husband can kill an unfaithful wife without guilt Besides being ordained as a nun and therefore acquitted And if anyone persists, bullies, or rapes, there is a penalty of death Ultra beautiful women Causing the men to fight and kill Will be considered a beautiful woman in the city Can use the money and have a high price.

This type of woman is called “Nakhon Sawan”. It is a highly regarded profession in those days. Is a career only for beautiful women Which was why Vesali Made great progress in that era Men will get her must have a lot of money. Therefore being an incentive for money to spread Even foreign millionaires come to use the service. God Pim Pisarn size Used to secretly come to find pleasure in the King, although the two enemies are enemies And later he provided The Traggered Rajagaha Within the town of Vesali A beautiful woman, a beautiful and famous city, namely Ampampali. Later, he was ordained to study dharma and attain Arahant.

In addition to God, Pimpisarn traveled on a regular basis, with an unintentional son named Wimla (Wimon Konthinya) as a young mother sent to the royal court of Rajagaha. The Father saw the child’s memory and recognized it as a child. And took care of the palace Wimla. Later, after listening to the dharma of the Lord Buddha, he was ordained. Vimla also favored her mother, Amampali, until finally achieving Arahant.

Rajagaha city With Mrs. Salawadee The son took to throw the rubbish God forgives, finds it, and brings it to him. Name it “Chiwokkomarapat” means not dead, has been well raised, studied until graduating from Takkasila Is a medical master And regularly offer the Lord Buddha’s treatment
Mrs. Salawadee has another child, Sirima, who has excellent beauty, worth a thousand kings. She watched the Lord Buddha. And listened to sermons Until achieving Sodanab Invited him to receive eight monks every day. A young monk had not yet attained the beauty of her beauty Refusing to give me rice With the fullness of her beauty Later she died suddenly.

The Lord Buddha asked to suspend the burning for up to 7 days. The decaying carcass had a full worm. The Lord Buddha told Pim Pisarn to announce Let the villagers come to see and come see Mrs. Sirima Anyone who does not come will be fined, 8 people, unless the children are watching the Buddha’s house, taking the monks to see. The Lord Buddha asked Pim Pisarn Whoever wants to find Mrs. Sirima will reduce the price 500, 200, 100, 50 until 1 mask or 1 baht and ordered to give it to nothing Nobody took The Lord Buddha said in the midst that “In the past, people were pleased to be a thousand In order to sleep with her for one night Right now, is it empty? Hasn’t anyone seen yet that Sankhara is not just the end and decaying? Unable to find sustainability. “A great public can see fair eyes.

The birthplace of the Prophet Mahavira of the Jain religion
Traditionally, Vesali was the birthplace of the Prophet Mahavira. Which is a Master of the Jain religion Buddhism did not settle down in this city due to the big event which is There was an epidemic, people fell dead. Remains of masses scattered throughout the city. The epidemic is heavy. The king of Chao Li Chawi held a ritual and invited the Prophets of various religions. Come to help, it’s not a good result Only the Lord Buddha has not yet invited to the capital.

The reason why Buddhism settled in Vesali
In the end, Li Chiwawi called Mahali to advise the Buddha, who at that time was in Rajagaha to help. All Li Chawi had no choice but assigned Maha Li to the Lord Buddha. Mahli, who is in a close relationship with God Pimpisarn. Traveled to see Pim Pisarn asking for help to invite the Buddha to invite Phimphisarn helped the Buddha to invite him to receive the invitation. In addition to helping people Will help both the kingdom to unite as well King Pimsan also wishes to be friendly with Chao Chawee. Therefore facilitated the Lord Buddha along with 500 monks to the border of the Ganga River Then sent a message to Chao Lichawi Chao Lil Chawi sent the boat to pick up the ferry.

The Lord Buddha entered Vesali with the invitation of the King Mahali. Which is a representative of King Li Chawi Went to successfully defeat the cholera disease And please teach Many people believe. Make Buddhism firmly established in this city.

Praputra (Rantasutra, Ratana Sutta ) When the Lord Buddha came across the Vesali side Causing heavy rain to blow away all the corpses into the water, clean ground. In the evening, he arrived at the Gate of Vesali with a speech to Ananda Go with Li Chawi And pray the Prapra between the three layers of the Vesali city. The scripture for the Prathap is the Rattanasutra which uses holy water To pray to eliminate the plague Thai Buddhists are well known. The content is the propagation of belief in the Buddha, Dharma and monks and spread the principles of Buddhism, beginning with
“Yanath Phutanism Matican …….. Aten Sajjensuwa Tathihutu “means
“I am confident in the Buddha’s teachings, the monks who see the truth in the Four Noble Truths. And then, of all the wickedness, both the body and the words, and the heart, and He doesn’t desire anything in this world or the next world except Nirvana Want to live happily all over each other With this faithfulness May everyone have good welfare from all illnesses. “
Ananda chanted and sprinkled holy water. Between the 3 levels of the wall, the people of the city were born to rejoice in Putthanupap. And listened to sermons Consistently Buddhism has been established since then.
City people will build a temple offering Therefore asked to build outside the city of Vesali, not wanting to disturb the Jain religion Created in the Maha Wan forest The northern city of Shiraz believe that Himalayan foothills forest Koฏacar pavilion constituted discipline.

Discipline means rules and regulations. Or the customary customs that must be practiced in the same way by the monks To give devotion to those who see it To have a beautiful order and order Which will lead to good behavior Is a continued generosity for spiritual conduct The discipline that has been enforced has two major characteristics, namely

  1. Buddhism is the law that His Majesty forbids to conduct If any monk violates this law Will be punished with a fine from the lightest to the most severe, which is the lack of monks
  2. Metropolis is a practice or tradition that monks must follow in order to have a respectable sight. A regulation about conduct Regarding small conducts such as cutting hair, cutting nails, bathing, dressing, standing, walking, sitting, sleeping, snacking etc. The discipline in this section does not have direct penalties. But if anyone is not generous In accordance with this practice, the penalty is only a light offense. Every rule is only.
    This Sikkim has three times the commandments. The first commandment is called the original commandment (the original commandment). The repeated commandment of Sikkabt in subsequent times (no matter how many times) is called the commandment.
  3. All the same Offenses means disciplinary punishment. Because it was against the law Or the Lord Buddha’s law prohibiting transgression (behavior). Violators must be punished as prescribed by each discipline. In which the penalty is set apart from the penalty Or the most serious offense is absent from being a monk Neutral punishment must remain. Action, behavior. Manat. And light punishment must expose yourself in front of other monks to be able to escape
  4. The disciplinary punishment is not complicated. No need to investigate for the offender Except for offenses of senators and misdemeanor offenses such as burglary that the owner does not give, for example. The Lord Buddha did not preach Only when the damaging incident of some monks occurred The Buddha then convened a meeting of the clergy to testify. Gave orders to prohibit monks from behaving like that again
  5. Rainy season 1 to 11, he has not yet established the Sikkim Because the monks have continued to perform good deeds after the end of Buddhist Lent. The 12th Buddha ordered the 1st Sikkbid to prohibit the monks from drinking Gemini. Forewarning the tarnished events occurring among the clergy
  6. The case of the Legislative Assembly The centipede that forbids monks from eating Gemini Meaning prohibiting monks from having sex with other people
  7. At that time there was a village called Glantha. Located not far from Vesali city Having a wealthy son named Sutinana, with a companion to Vesali Saw the Lord Buddha performing the dharma Therefore stopped by to attend the fair With faithful to ordain
  8. Parents are not allowed to fast for up to 7 days. Once approved Was ordained, behaved strictly on the way of Wachachikham
    At that time Which has the city of Vesali as a capital There was famine, famine. Phra Sutinana had a very wealthy relative. When traveling to Vesali Relatives heard the news and brought plenty of food. Phra Sutin then gave to all the monks. Then traveled to Kanthakham Their original home district Knowledge of parents My father therefore invited me. The mother then lured the wealth to let them feel. Sutinana refused, so did not succeed.
  9. Later, Mother Sutin waited until the wife of Phra Sutin. (Since the time has not ordained) have menstruation is determined to have children. Therefore took her to Phra Sutin, at Maha Wan Forest. Therefore said that if not worn, would ask for the family tree At that time, no discipline was enforced. Suttina understood that this is a matter that can be done. In order to have children
  10. Therefore took Gemini with his wife Later, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son of Phra Sutinana, so she was named Chao Phut. Suthin’s wife was given the name Thy mother’s plant Later, both the mother and children were ordained successfully, Arhatthat, both of them. Uneasy occurrences later Even skinny All the monks asked to know, so they blamed and told the Lord Buddha. His Highness therefore called a meeting of monks His Highness inquired about that. Criticized and commanded the king Forbidden monks to eat gemini He penalized the monk for the abuser.

This is the history of discipline commandments. When the religion developed and there were more and more people requesting ordination With more misconduct When people sued the Lord Buddha The Lord Buddha called a meeting of the monks to inquire after he had already understood. Diagnosed that it shouldn’t If it shouldn’t, then he established the Sikkabt until 227 items for the monks to follow. Because monks are people of faith Is better than others Is a person with morals Monks live today because of their faith. The faith of the believers Those who support the monks with various offerings such as food, food, alms-robes, shelter And medicine To maintain the faith of the kith and kin Monks have to behave themselves in the framework of morality and goodness.

The second sort After about 100 years of Buddha’s nirvana, Vesali was the second sorting place at Wat Walukaram with Phra Yatsakanthabutr as the president. The King is the name of King Rama. Is a sponsor The reason is that the monks watched the 10 objects of

the ritual . Outside of the dharma discipline , Paval Chedi (place of expiration date), Paval Chedi is the place of expiration He came here with Ananda following. He wished to live next to show the vision of Ananda. “Vesali, Tessani, a beautiful picture. Desire to stay can be done. “Mara inspired Ananda, so I did not ask for help. And He spoke with Ananda to refrain from meditating again.

Phraya Mara got the opportunity to hurry and invite the Buddha to die. The Great God said, “Look, the devil who is sinful, do not try. Soon, Tathagata will pass away for another 3 months. “His Majesty, in the third lunar month of the Lunar month, and Ananda hurried to come in and ask about the earthquake. He said 8 reasons.

  1. Inspirational power
  2. Recurrent wind
  3. Bodhisattva born from heaven Fertilization in the womb of the mother
  4. Bodhisattva was born
  5. The Buddha’s enlightenment
  6. The Buddha
    ‘s orientation 7.
  7. The Buddha’s lapse of time
  8. The Buddha’s death

Phra Wa Pagoda
Inside the Paval Chedi are ancient pagodas that are covered with zinc sheds. Build a family of stupa The structure of the roof resembles a circular stupa, with no spiers. The bottom base is waved with cement. Is the place that contains the Buddha’s relics That the king of Li Chawi had Divided from Kusinara city, which is 1 of 8 cities. Currently, the Buddha’s relics are stored in the Patana Kuthakun Museum, Sala Pa Maha Wan

It is one of the 5 types of Sassana (seat cushions ) that are specified in Bali, meaning the topmost house. With a high appearance, with a balance from the roof Was the first birthplace of the first nuns in the world Which is Mrs. Pachab De Cote Mi, who is the aunt of the Lord Buddha Before going to Kusinara His residence at the Khutakhan Sala shows an upright to the monks of Vesali that “The body has naturally deteriorated. You must also do your own work and others with caution. “In the next 3 months, the Tathagata will pass away.

In the morning he offered alms to Vesali. He stood and looked at Vesali. While speaking to Ananda, “Ananda, looking at Vesali Is the last time of the Buddha. “Call this symptom Naga world or watching like elephants. (Like looking back). At Phandhanthakham spoke four sermons of the dharma, namely the precepts, concentration, wisdom and liberation. After that he went to the hands of Khamphampamphamphamphammaphak and Phokhonkhon. To the city of Pava. The stupa is a brick-shaped monk’s pagoda facing down Ashoka the Great created it in the minds of Buddhism.

Deep stone pillars Complete lion
Deep stone pillars At this point, it can be considered the most complete lion. Among the lions discovered

Walla Ram.
It is one of the temples in Vesali, Vachasi region. It is the 2nd meeting of the Council for the cleansing of 10 objects that are an obstacle to the discipline. Nowadays, there is only the rest from destruction enough as evidence. At the inverted part of the pagoda is the end of the pagoda. Due to Hindu worship Because there is no peak like the lingum But there are Buddha statues around Is evidence that this is Buddhist evidence

The Emerald Pool
The Emerald Pool is The Coronation Pool of King Lichawi Is the holy pool of the city Is a wave pool that was created to be water for the coronation It is very cherished for the Watchashani people as they appear in the dharma Any king who will take the position of executive must perform a royal wedding at this pool. It appears that Phanthala Chancellor used to invade his wife to bathe in this pool. But Phanthanla Chancellor was a visitor to the battle. Therefore able to enter without difficulty

Nowadays, the pool is still in the shape The pool is very spacious.
The Seven Apostolic Principles means the Dharma which is the location of perpetuity. The Lord Buddha also states that “If King Li Chawi and the people adhere to these principles, There will be no deterioration. There will be only prosperity “, which is

  1. Keep meeting forever
  2. Ready at the same time to convene and finish the meeting
  3. Do not enact new things
  4. Respect adults
  5. Not behave bullying women
  6. Respect the sanctuary
  7. Testify Protection of the monkhood
    In the latter, King Lichawi did not follow. Break unity, do not attend the meeting, do not respect each other Until finally becoming a colony of Atha, the enemy of Bihar
    The penalty for torture
    The Lord Buddha displayed the punishment of 5 indecency and misconduct when he reached Pati Kham. Patana is as follows as follows:
  8. Those without morality will suffer the decline of wealth.
  9. The bad reputation will dissipate.
  10. It is a shy person. Not courageous when attending a meeting
  11. When he is near death he loses consciousness Protection of consciousness is not called “lost to death”.
  12. When dead, then inevitably lead to the underworld

The birth of the first nun
Phra Pachabadi , is the first nun in Buddhism. Was ordained in Paisalee Khru Dhamma, 8 things:

  1. Even a 100-year-old nun had to pay respect to the new monks on that day.
  2. Not in a monastery without a monk.
  3. Accepting 2 kinds of dharma: asking the chapel and listening to the teachings from Monks
  4. Devotion in two divisions
  5. Behavior in the two sides
    monk 6.
  6. Ordination in the monk 2 sides
  7. Do not steppe monks
  8. Do not teach monks

Sutras and allegations.
The Lord Buddha said the Sutra such as Maha Sutra formula, spread formula, Maha Sutha formula Chula Satchara Sutta, Maha Satcha Sutra, Tevich Sutta, Sukkhattarat Sutta, Rattanasutta and Jataka such as Telarot Jataka, Sikharat Jataka etc.

Mrs. Ampalalee
Nanglampalee is a Nangika or Nakhonsithammul City, Phaisali. The Vajiralongkorn region was the first prostitute who donated her own mango grove. To build a Sangkharam offering to the Buddha The temple was therefore named Ampalee. On the day of Nang Ampalee, at the time of birth, park guardians were seen beneath the mango trees. Taken to be raised, Ampali means to preserve the mango tree Or preserved mango tree As if the deity possessed by the mango tree preserved

  1. Refusing to sell a business invitation to Chao Lichawi
    In the last rainy season The Master went to Phaisali Mrs. Ampalee had an audience And the Buddha’s wishes and monks come to me at home On the way she met Chao Li Chawawi. When he learned that the Lord Buddha’s journey Therefore asked her to surrender the rights to them. She did not agree. Lots of money But she was not interested
  2. offering the temple. The next day, she offered food. And gave the mango grove to a monastery called Ampalee Pali
  3. the last day of life
    Mrs. Ampalee listened to the dharma from the son of her name Wimla Konthanya Ordained as a nun Consider the impermanence of all imprisoned soulless body is impermanent and has achieved a saint

Prime wheat
Greater Pine City wheat ….. Great Stupa elegance.
City … complete, Asoke stone Muang …. Pa Maha Wan Ruen Temple
City …. Wachachi Thammalumlert City …. Birth of the Genesis Nun
City …. Moderate grace City ….. Appreciate the Unity King.
City …. spoke of the Ratthasutra City ….. prove Bo Murrakaphisek Si
City …. Dancer Yum Dance Ampali City ….. Millionaire Philanthropy Sunthorn
City …. Sort out. The second time must appear. City ….. ascetic. Poor clothes.
City …. The rainy season City …. The legend of the broken house.
Source..The Guide to Phra Dhammavidhi

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