Things to do in Nagoya and around Aichi Prefecture of Japan 4 Days 3 Night

Many people understand that Nagoya is the province in Japan but actually is the capital city of Aichi Prefecture which is medium sized city between the Kanto (Tokyo) and Kansai (Osaka). The city is important place for business and famous tourist attractions with delicious food such as Misokatsu.  The Shinkansen train also stop at the city, too.

Aichi Nagoya Day 1 – Nagoya Castle, Osu Kannon Temple, Osu shopping street, Nagoya Tv Tower, Oasis21

During you stay in Nagoya and want to visit the interesting place around Nagoya. You can use Nagoya subway 1 day pass for about 740 yen to visit the attraction place. This is the best choice for you to get to know around the city.

The Nagoya Castle is landmark attractions which is number 3 most beautiful castles in Japan and highlight of the castle is green light on roof and the golden dolphins or Kinshachi statue. Within the castle you can walk around and see museum that tell the story of Nagoya from old periods. The castle construction was completed during in 1612.  From Central Japan International Airport take Meitetsu Ltd.Exp. to Kanayama Station It about 24 minutes then take Nagoya city Subway on Meijo Line for about 10 minutes and get off at Shiyakusho Station.

Osu Kannon Temple that you can take subway from Ozone Station to Nagoya City Subway on Meijo Line and get off at Kamimaezu Station. After you visit the temple then you might want to shopping on the Osu street. The Osu Kannon Temple is another famous Buddhist temple in Nagoya. The building of Osu Kanon Temple was built in the Kamakura period in the years of 1192 to 1333. which has been continuously restored. Until now has become an important temple especially the Guanyin made of wood and is the national treasure of Japan.

Osu Shopping street has over 400 shops around that you can walk through each other line. In this shopping area have products from 100 Yen to up from electronic products, clothing, bags, shoes, fashion, cosmetics, first hands and second hand products. This place can compared to Ueno area with Akihabara electronic area in Tokyo. You can take about half day or full day to finish look on this area because they are connect with many street.

Nagoya Tv Tower is the first consolidated radio tower opened since 1954 with a 180 meters height. There are 5 floors and the first floor has a square that can look up to the top of the tower also can see the view further across the province when you go up to the tower. The admission fee is 700 yen and can see view around the city. During the night time you will see light and day time can look all area around the city.

Oasis 21 is Nagoya’s popular tourist destination with inside the building looks strange like a spacecraft but filled with many shops. This building is also the landmark of Sakae area.

Aichi Nagoya Day 2 – Shirakawago Villages 

Shirakawago Village is one of Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The villages stay at down mountain hill with over an area of 68 hectares. You can stay in this village or take one day trip from Nagoya. When you travel from Nagoya I suggest to buy SHORYUDO Bus Pass for three day and you can travel around area near by. By use the pass you can book the ticket at Nagoya station and take about 3 hours to get to the village.

Aichi Nagoya Day 3 – Takayama, Old town in Takayama

From Shirakawago Villages  to can get to Takayama for a few hours or take a bus from Nagoya station by use SHORYUDO Bus Pass. From Nagoya station to Takayama take about 3 hours for ride. At Takayama you can walk on the street to old town street about 20 mins. In Takayama town is also known that they have a special local foods as sansai (mountain vegetables), wasakana (river fish), beef, soba, ramen, and sake. You can walk around the town for about half day to finish the journey or you can stay over nigh and feel nature atmosphere around.

Aichi Nagoya Day 4 – Okazaki city

Okazaki City is located in Aichi Prefecture not far from Nagoya and you can take a train from Nagoya to the city about 30-40 minutes or use SHORYUDO Bus Pass. Okazaki city is simple city with good atmosphere and beautiful place. In this city you will a lot of history and many activities such as Okazaki Castle. Okazaki Castle have beautiful view that can see cherry blossoms spot from the 5 floors. This city also have outlet mall for people who like to shopping. During winter season you can visit Nabana No Sato Winter Illumination festivel as well.

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