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Modern Family S11 Episode 9

Episode 9: Christmas Dinner

Cameron was really upset in his heart. He cooked a table of Christmas feasts carefully, and took pains to arrange seats to make sure that everyone would have at least one person who could talk to him. But Lily didn’t want to sit next to Luke, Alex didn’t want to sit with Gloria, and Claire didn’t want to sit next to Dad Jie. When Jie and Gloria entered the door, Gloria announced that Manny would not come again because Luke shamelessly snatched his brother’s girlfriend. Not only that, Mitchell also became suspicious because Cameron did not return to his hometown in Texas this year for Christmas, and always felt that Cameron wanted to divorce.

Claire avoided his father in every possible way. I used to listen to him in the wardrobe company, and he was completely restrained in everything. Now that he resigned, he actually encouraged to join his kennel company. Claire didn’t want to be controlled by his father anymore, but it was inconvenient to refuse in person, so she had to walk around him.

Manny still came. Gloria thought that her son had finally solved her heart knot, but Manny couldn’t help crying when she saw Luke. Gloria was so angry that the heinous Luke must leave. Cameron hurriedly stopped, this kind of thing, there is a special way to deal with it in his hometown.

Cameron locked Luke and Manny in a room, not to win or lose, not to come out. Luke knew that he was wrong, so Manny simply punched him to relieve his breath, and then asked for forgiveness. But Manny’s literary and artistic hands, no matter how hard they are, it is a force to slap a mosquito. Luke said what was in his heart, and now whenever he thinks of Shirley, when he sees Shirley, his heart will be unconsciously happy, wishing to dream of her every night. It’s just that love is hard to say in my heart, and I can only put on a cool look when I meet Shirley.

Manny saw that Luke was so infatuated, so he gave up. For the sake of my brothers, he also formed words and sentences to help Luke send messages to express his love. Cameron couldn’t help being overjoyed when he saw the brothers reconciled. Gloria was even more angry. With her Colombian blood, she would never allow betrayal.

Alex on the side was angry, and Gloria clearly used the same face to face and the other behind the back. Alex went to a restaurant for dinner the day before yesterday and accidentally saw Gloria being interviewing. The interviewer was a competitor of his father Phil. Think about how my dad cultivated Gloria into a talent, and he was interested in cooperating with her to start a real estate company. Unexpectedly, she would repay Phil in this way. To speak of betrayal, Gloria’s behavior is naked betrayal.

As soon as he said this, there was no sound at the table. Mitchell couldn’t help but questioned why Cameron didn’t invite himself back to Texas for Christmas this year, and also secretly bought a plane ticket to Missouri. Cameron had to admit that this may be the last time I have Christmas dinner with everyone. The reason is not the divorce that everyone thinks, but he received an interview notice from the head coach of the University of North Central Missouri. He will go for an interview after the holiday and will move to Missouri in all likelihood. But I don’t want Mitchell to worry prematurely, so he will keep it secret. Mitchell felt relieved, thinking that over the years, Cameron sacrificed too much for himself, and he should accompany him to move to Missouri.

At this time the atmosphere became a little sad, and Gloria admitted that she had gone to an interview. But not because he hated Phil, but because of love. Just look at Jie and Claire, the father and daughter will have trouble in a company. She didn’t want her and Phil to become like that, so she chose to leave.

It turned out that the truth of the betrayal was because of love. Everyone was relieved and raised their glasses to this loving home. Cameron’s hard work was not in vain, and the family spent Christmas Eve happily. But while taking a family portrait, Luke received a text message from Shirley to break up. When everyone was puzzled, Manny seemed to realize that Shirley didn’t like to develop too fast with boys. Luke knew that Manny had been fooled when he heard it, and threw his fists up in anger. And this scene was filmed and became this year’s Christmas memorial.

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